yacht luxury copywriting

Meme Luxury Yacht

yacht luxury copywriting


Meme is a luxury yacht available for chartered cruises around the Mediterranean. Unfortunately there’s wasn’t time for  to experience its delights firsthand when I was asked to write a brochure for this beautiful boat:

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  • The copy had to sell the ‘experience’ and not just the yacht’s features
  • Targeted at the high end market, the copy needed to express a sense of superiority and prestige
  • I had to work in coordination with the design team, boat owner and brokerage company to ensure everything was finalized and ready to go to the printers within a week


After studying the market and the images provided, I put together some brochure copywriting that describes a day and night aboard the Meme, in reflection of the fact we were selling an experience, and not just a chartered yacht. After a few amends, the copy was approved and the brochures printed on time for the start of the summer cruise season.

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