Give Your Hero a Flaw

He wasn’t always the world’s most powerful superhero…

There was a time when his popularity took a dip.

Fans had lost interest.

He was too perfect. 

Too boring. 

Too stale.

Nobody thought he’d ever lose.

And so, people stopped wanting to hear about his tales.

So you know what the writers did?

They created Kryptonite.

They gave Superman a FLAW.

Because what they realized is that people aren’t attracted to heroes who are too perfect… too invincible.

They want their heroes to be like the rest of us…

To have flaws.

The same applies to the hero in your sales letter.

Show your hero secretly binging on peanut butter Oreos they keep hidden in a drawer…

Make them too lazy to sweat buckets on a treadmill…

Give them a secret shame they’ve buried since childhood… 

Or a secret desire they barely admit to themselves.

Because ultimately, great stories are about flaws, embarrassment, and pain.

So give your hero their own Kryptonite.

Because like with Superman…

Facing this flaw and overcoming it is what will make your hero relatable…

And will keep people reading to find out how they solved it, and to find out about the product reveal at the end.

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