eBook Released – 7 Steps to Higher Conversions Through Testing (Not Guesswork)

After some serious revisions, my latest eBook ‘7 Steps to Higher Website Conversions‘ is now hot off the press.

In typical Crucible stylee, I’m giving it away free and not even asking for an email address. ‘Why?’ I hear all the affiliate marketers out there splutter into their coffee. It’s because my blog isn’t a money maker and I don’t want to place any chains on my eBook. Instead, I want it to run free and find it’s way onto any other blogs or forums where people will find it useful.

As mentioned, it’s free. So I’m not asking for any money. But if you’re feeling generous, a backlink, Tweet or any other type of social sharing action would be much appreciated – both to help it spread and for my own satisfaction.

The eBook is an amalgamation of my recent website conversion post series. So if you’re late to the party and have just arrived here from Google, I hope you find the tips in the eBook useful. Who knows – it might even help to double your website’s turnover.

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