Project Persuasion Spring Break

Marketing Events During Coronavirus be like…

It’s not every day you show up to a marketing event and the presenters walk on in hazmat suits (Thailand style). 

But then this was no ordinary marketing event…

This was Project Persuasion 4.0 – Marketing Gone Wild.

Over 3 days I filled my notebook with the unconventional ideas and ‘down the rabbit hole’ strategies for which Mitch Miller’s annual event is now famed.

And over the next week, I’m going to share ALL of them with you.

Within the first few hours we’d already ticked off whether we’re living in a simulation, and if Jesus was a developer with a cheat code…

And the psychology behind why Charles Manson made his followers take LSD 300 times before committing murder.

So as you can imagine, over the following 3 days I heard some truly out-of-the box… colouring outside the lines thinking that’ll make your head spin (and like many attendees, a little anxious for humanity’s future).

Some of the insights I’ll be dropping in your inbox (before running away gleefully) include:

The 6 eras of branding and what the next era means for the future of humanity – with consumers locked in echochamber silos and Apple and Amazon going to war (literally) for their minds and money.

What Rolex’s transition from just another watchmaker into a luxury brand can teach you about giving customers the labels they crave (and how following Rolex’s strategy will be the key to your own prosperity when AI becomes your main competitor).

What the popularity of reaction videos on YouTube says about how isolation, disconnected and empty people feel – and how entrepreneurs and businesses able to fill the void can thrive.

The ONE thing to NEVER say to a Boomer in your sales letter (and what will convince them to buy without you uttering a single word).

The 4 questions to ask yourself that will bulletproof you against internet trolls – as verified by the wise teachings of Oh Sho (yes, that Oh Sho from Netflix’s ‘Wild, Wild, Country’).

Why the coming technological revolution won’t take us to utopia but to a brutal, bloody future – in which 3D printers become the printing presses of war and societies shrink for their survival (and the 3 key skills VITAL for survivial in apocalyptic era where money has no value and even the military has gone soft).

Why sipping cocktails on the beach is NEVER the end GOAL – And developing the multi-millionaire mindset to treat rewards as interludes, not prizes.

How to get clients on LinkedIn without sending them a single message (no, it’s not endlessly posting in forums or spending a king’s ransom on LinkedIn ads)

And much, much more.

So if you’d like to get all this Project Persuasion 4.0 – Marketing Gone Wild‘s mind scrambling, tinfoil hat tearing info, be sure to check your inbox over the next week.

Just promise me you’ll read with a positive mind and belief you’re in control of your own destiny.

Because some of it goes to dark places.

Dark places indeed.

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