Frank Kern will kill me if he finds out I’ve told you this

B2B marketers can learn a lot from Frank Kern.

The thing is, most marketers in the corporate world have never heard of him. Funny when you consider that the world’s ‘highest paid direct response info marketing copywriter’ has made over $47 million for himself and his clients.

What’s more impressive is that no development labs, factories or TV slots were needed to make all this dough. Just words and smart marketing.

If you wanted to ask Kern how he does it, you’d have to hand over thousands of dollars just for an hour of his time. You see, Kern’s protective of his knowledge. So, I’d appreciate it if we keep what I’m about to reveal between us.

The secret to Kern’s success, and many of the fat digital cats plundering Paypal accounts, is having a sales funnel that’s been polished, waxed and lubricated to perfection, down which prospects slide waving their credit cards and whooping for joy at the promise of salvation that awaits them.

Before his lawyers get this post shut down, I’d like to reveal what Kern’s sales funnel for his consultancy services looks like:

  1. Paid advertising that’s highly targeted and adorned with Frank Kern’s instantly recognisable ‘just left the beach’ visage, and not a conversion sapping stock image.
  2. Sign up form (a.k.a squeeze page) with a remarkable offer. In this case, a free consultation or $1,400 of his money if you think it’s been a waste of time.
  3. Follow up confirmation emails loaded with personality that build anticipation in the offer – help is on the way!
  4. A sales letter that pre-qualifies whether you’re a good prospect for his services by explaining all the hoops you have to jump through to get the free consultation. This includes a $700 “real person deposit”. Putting barriers in the way ensures Kern only deals with business owners able to meet his fees, What’s more, creating obstacles just makes ambitious types even more determined to get what you’re dangling.

Kern’s sales funnel for his consulting services generates an ROI many times over what he fritters away on Facebook ads. This is largely due to the fact that he needs only one or two conversions to be profitable.

Tweaking Kern’s funnel for the B2B world

B2B marketers might want to give Kern’s conversational, apostrophe packed and, dare I say it, hypey tone a pass (sorry, Frank). But the strategy is sound.

The key is offering a quick win that gets people subscribed to your content. Instead of a free consultation, you could offer a webinar (a red hot lead generation tactic right now), free high quality report, buyer guide or trial offer.

Then. after getting them signed up with this ‘easy win’, you followup with a sales letter or email series to promote the ‘back end’ or additional services, upgrades and other benefits of getting the full package.

Creating sales funnels with lead magnets and email marketing is a proven tactic. It works. Its success lies in following the cardinal rule of making multiple contacts to grease the wheels and remove friction before making an offer. This is why creating a sales funnel is critical in the B2B marketing world. It keeps prospects chugging along those notoriously slow (six months, if you’re lucky) buyer cycles towards making a purchase.

So whether you’re in e-commerce, manufacturing or finance, creating a slick sales funnel like Kern’s can set you on the path to ‘internet guru’ like profits. And all with the power of smart sales strategy and compelling copy.

Disclaimer –

This post was inspired by my recent assignments for Copyhour.

Copyhour is a copywriting course that emails you daily swipes of some of the most successful, high converting direct response copywriting ads of all time. What’s more, you get an explanation on why it was successful, with your assignment to copy it out by hand and then discuss it with the group.

Trust me, once you’ve digested all the theory, copying successful ads by hand is the best way to advance your skills and knowledge. It enables you to get inside the head of the top copy dogs and to understand what their thought process was in releasing people’s wants and wallets.

Why not join me for the ride? Find out more about Copyhour (or via this non affiliated link, if you’re the cynical type:).

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