Are Your Customers Happy? Then Tell People Why!


I had scribbled down half a page of notes about the foolishness of forcing every website to be written in English until I realised what day it was yesterday and swiftly cancelled my order for a Chinese dictionary.

Instead I’m going to focus on why it has never been more important to harness customer service stories when copywriting a website, and why simply writing that ‘you aim to exceed expectations’ isn’t enough.

The adoption of customer relationships management software, which integrates customer data throughout a business, means that marketing departments now have a goldmine of data to be drilled for juicy stories.

Case studies, which tell a story about how a product solved a customers’ problem, are marketing gold. Businesses need to be telling these stories because other people already are.

People are talking about your business all the time, and praise or criticism are not limited to phone calls and emails.

Recently I received a junk message about an internet TV service offering over 1000 channels for little more than the cost of renting a DVD. The offer was tempting enough to persuade me to click through to the site, with my scam radar on full alert.

Whilst their landing page copy managed to maintain my interest it counted for nothing when a quick search unearthed an army of unsatisfied customers shaking their fists because the service didn’t live up to the hype.

A business’ internet marketing copy is no longer limited to their landing page, but also encapsulates responding to the comments people are making about a product online.

If your product doesn’t live up to the marketing hype then it’s not going to stay unexposed for long.

However, providing good customer service and showing how you respond to disgruntled customers has never been more visible to anybody doing the briefest of background checks.

People now search for customer reviews and real life examples of a product’s benefits. A business should therefore be providing a flow of examples of when they’ve come to a customer’s rescue and helped solve their problem.

So the next time you’re asked to provide copywriting for an ‘About Us’ page, suggest they include links to case studies which show when they really have ‘exceeded expectations’ because it’s copy that people will want to read.

6 thoughts on “Are Your Customers Happy? Then Tell People Why!

  1. Hi, James –

    Great point about case studies!

    No matter what your client is selling (widgets, Internet TV service, higher education …), prospective customers want to know what “real people” think of it.


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