Why writing copy is like a round of golf

golf(Photo by mslikk)

Tomorrow I’m driving down to Cornwall for a long weekend and a few rounds of golf, so I thought why not see what parallels can be drawn between crafting copy and knocking a few zingers down the fairway:

Nobody should think they can step out and start competing to an acceptable standard straight away.

You have to study, practice and develop before you can hope to receive any applause at the precision of your concisely worded efforts.

And even then you’re faced with the frustration of striving for a level of perfection that can never be achieved, yet has the illusion of being attainable.

A hole in one, or nailing copy in the first draft, is rare.

Instead you have to concentrate on taking your time, and performing every attempt to the best of your ability.

Whenever you’re stood over the ball, or your fingers hover over the keyboard, you’re waiting for that moment when the clouds clear and inspiration takes over to send the ball, and your words, streaming out in front of you.

Mistakes are made when you rush, or let the stage fright of people witnessing your efforts turn you into stone.

Instead you have to be able to relax, and let your creative alpha waves guide your movements.

The first few strikes are about making as much distance on the task as you can, before preparing for the real challenge around the green.

This is where precision, skill and focus is needed to make sure you’re on target and can complete the task in the best score possible.

Then once you’ve finished it’s off to the club house to celebrate, and to ponder how your round went.

Whilst you can pat yourself on the back for the parts where you nailed it, you always know there are areas where improvements could be made.

But the beauty is that you’re always developing your technique, and with every challenge you’re getting more experienced and skilled.

And the great thing is the camaraderie and support you’ll find from everyone in your vocation willing each other to succeed.

See you on the fairways.

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  1. Hi Matt – love the analogy to golf! Your blog has taught me a lot : )

  2. Hi Ross,

    Thanks, glad I can help.


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