Why Facebook’s popularity is great news for copywriters, and bad news for article writing sweatshops

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When one door closes, another door opens.

Long time readers will know that I’m not a fan of the $10 (or less) per keyword article copywriting gigs you find on freelance bidding websites, like Elance and Guru. I pity the copywriters that feel forced into these jobs, where they’re paid sweat shop wages to hammer out 10-20 articles a day just so they don’t have to live in a box.

Hopefully, these low paid writing jobs might be on their way out.

Following Google’s recent ‘Panda’ update the rankings of many ‘low quality’ article directories have been slashed. This means the tactic of flooding directories with keyword articles to boost a website’s ranking might no longer be effective, slamming the door on the market for hastily written (or copy and pasted) content.

But before all you article writers out there start to panic, there might be a bright new dawn on the horizon.

Other changes are taking place which suggest there could soon be a growing market for a more profitable and ethical market for copywriters, one in which quality content is rewarded with increased website traffic – and higher wages.

Article directory marketing is dead. Long live Facebook marketing

There are two key reasons why Facebook’s growth is good news for copywriters.

Firstly, there are already hints coming from Google’s labs that social media will have a bigger influence on SEO in the near future. The world’s most popular search engine has already started including links to videos and news stories at the top of its search results. Higher rankings for websites featuring popular articles being shared in social media could soon follow.

Secondly, Facebook has given its ‘Like’ button a revamp. Following the update, whenever you click on ‘Like’ you’ll now share a full story in your Facebook newsfeed, with a headline, blurb and photo. This extra information will make ‘Likes’ a potent tool for spreading content, generating backlinks and boosting website traffic.

The key is now quality, not quantity – which deserves to be paid a higher rate

People aren’t going to ‘Like’ any of your posts unless they find it valuable (whether it’s informative or entertaining) and think it deserves to be shared amongst their friends.

Quality content can’t be churned out on a conveyer belt, where copywriters are rushing to get as many done as they can. Creating quality content takes research, effort and time. And writers should be reimbursed for it accordingly.

Blogs have always been an engine room when it comes to driving traffic to a website. Now their importance is even greater, along with the need to consistently write quality posts people will ‘Like’ and share with their friends.

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  2. You’re right, social media and all the recent search engine updates are definite game changers. I’m all for flooding the web with great content and passing relevant ideas around. Present post included. 🙂

  3. Nice Post.
    Yep your’e social media & social media marketing is going & it will be the best way of SEO & advertising. Most of businesses use Facebook as an advertising page for their product & business. And not just Facebook, even Ttwitter & Youtube is commonly used for SEO & social marketing. With the help of ‘like’ & ‘share’ copywriters will have an easy way to spread their work. Very True Article. Thanks

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