The RADIO Framework for Big Idea

Coming up with big ideas is hard.

Particularly knowing if your idea is going to resonate… 

Or repel.

The good news is there’s a five step framework you can follow to find out.

It’s called the RADIO framework (which I learned from financial copywriter Tim Diering on a Copy Chief call).

The RADIO framework gives you five questions to check your big idea against before you put sweat and tears into a 10k word promo: 

R – Relevant – Does the idea relate to something the market suspects, and which they’re just waiting for someone to state openly?

A – Affirmative – Does the idea affirm feelings and emotions the market already has?

D – Dense – Is there enough background information about the idea to fill 5 pages?

I – Intriguing – Is it interesting enough to trigger curiosity?

O – Original – Is it something the market has never heard about before?

If your big idea passes these five tests you could be onto a winner.

If not, it’s back to doing more research to find one that does.

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