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How to Write “Clicker” Health Emails in 4 Steps

How to write "clicker" emails in 4 steps

They may only be 200 words long.

But writing “clicker” emails for health promos that get opened and clicked through is no mean feat.

Luckily there’s a proven structure you can follow to maximize your chances of getting those revered clicks (hat tip Jerrod Harlon for developing and teaching this formula):

  1. Problem 

Start with the customer’s problem. Describe the customer’s problem in a relatable everyday way, without going overboard. 

We’re not trying to shock people out of their seats here. Save the stories of near death experiences for the promo’s lead.

2. Why it’s a problem 

People love to learn something new. And newness generates curiosity. 

Health promos are (typically) all about presenting new causes of problems. So in your email, you want to share a new discovery, contrarian idea or new study related to the cause of the reader’s problem. 

This step is also a great opportunity to inject credibility by name dropping a respected research institution.

3. Agitate 

You now want to motivate your reader into solving their problem with the help of the new info you’ve presented. 

You could either do this by reminding them of how their problem is adversely impacting their life. Or you could highlight the benefits they can look forward to when they implement your new solution. 

4. Tease 

Have a curiosity driving CTA that motivates people to click through to find out about the new cause of their problem and how to solve it.

Here’s an example of these four steps in action:

Subject line – Eating THIS boosts memory 44% (Stanford study)

Do you forget people’s names, suffer embarrassing midconversation brain freezes and struggle to focus at work?

Well, a slowing brain isn’t necessarily due to aging… but due to decay of the brain’s “neural mesh”.

The good news is that Stanford scientists have discovered a nutrient that repairs the brain’s neural mesh like “Nature’s duct tape”.

In fact, eating this nutrient was found to boost memory 44%… and even gave subjects the mental sharpness of people 12 years younger.

>>>Eat THIS Sardinian nutrient at breakfast to boost brain power 44%


Conclusion – Test Your Way to Success

Following these four steps will help provide the foundations of a high converting “clicker” email.

But as with all forms of direct response copy, success comes from testing and refinement.

You’ll want to continue testing subject lines, from names, body copy, images and CTAs to wring every last percentage point from your “clicker” emails.

Because even a 0.2% boost in CTR can have a massive impact on how many people visit your main sales page and convert into customers.

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