Creating a Personal Brand that Crushes

This post is based on Mitch Miller’s presentation “Down the Rabbit Hole with Tai Lopez” at Project Persuasion Goes Dark 3.0.

Want to know how to attract higher paying clients and lift your rates?

You’ve got to boost your status.

The good news is it’s never been easier to grow your personal brand and your status along with it.

And the way to do it is to develop your “channel”.

Because when you want to step up into the big leagues, you can’t settle for being just a copywriter.

You’ve got to become a channel.

A channel people can subscribe to, follow, and Like.

But they’ll only follow you if they see you as someone on the rise. Because if you’re someone on the ascendance, they’ll want to hop a ride on your coat tails.

But if your progress stalls or your content sucks, they’ll abandon you just as fast.

A more successful copywriting guru is one swipe away.

So you need to be strategic about what you publish and how it reflects your brand. Every post needs to promote what makes you unique, what you represent, and why people should listen.

As Dan Kennedy says “Only fools market the thing”.

Pros know to maket what makes a “thing” special. And a great way to do this is to harness “self-congruity”.

Take the Tai Lopez Masterclass in Self-congruity

Self-congruity is why people are attracted to certain brands. It’s because these brands project the values they desire to obtain, and represent the tribe they want to belong to.  

Take Tai Lopez.

Lopez targets people who desire status and money. So he projects his own status and money to attract them.

His followers see money as the trigger for all the other things they want in life. So Lopez projects himslves as the ideal version his target market wants to become.

Because you see, we have three versions of ourselves:

  • Past self
  • Present (real) self
  • Ideal future self

The present self is what people want to escape. And it’s becoming the ideal future self that triggers all their hot desire buttons.

Lopez knows to present himself as his market’s ideal future self. Because it’s the most powerful way to get people to take action.

Use Glamour to Magnify Your Appeal

Hand-in-hand with self-congruity goes “glamour”.

Glamour is the act of glorifying or magnifying what’s real.

Lopez uses the imagery of cars, stacks of money, and private jets to create glamour around his brand.

He may take glamour to extremes. But it’s something we all do all the time.

If you use filters on photos, dress up in clothes you wouldn’t normally wear, or rent cars and houses for photoshoots, you’re using glamour to enhance your personal brand.

But you’ve got be careful about how you use glamour.

Because it’s an illusion.

And if you use it too much to hide what you don’t want the world to see, like how a ballerina’s shoes hide the bruises, the backlash can be brutal.

Display your Kryptonite

Nobody likes people who are fake or pretend to be too perfect.

When Superman was unbeatable, few fans felt emotionally engaged with his struggles.

But when it was discovered kryponite robs his powers, his popularity soared.

When you try to seem too perfect, people are eager to see you get smashed into a skyscraper by an alien.

It’s only when you admit you’re not unbeatable after all that people come to your side.

So if you’ve spend too much time developing a perfect online persona, consider showing some weakenesses.

And a great way to do it is with “Zohavian Handicap Signalling”.

Zohavian Handicap Signalling is where you do something high risk to display your weakness.

It’s why antelopes jump up and down when a lion appears. Not because they want to get chased. But because they know their display of bravery will help attract a mate.

Make High Risk Gestures Others Aren’t Willing to Do

If you want to create a channel and online persona that’s unique, attracts your target market, and doesn’t push “glamour” to the point of fakery, think what you can do to reveal something about yourself that’s high risk.

Take a stand on a contentious issue. Rattle some cages. Call out someone for offering bad advice.

And when you do, record a full production video instead of just going live in your car on Facebook.

Because when you do what others are unwilling to do in defining your brand, the more you’ll crush competitors playing it safe.

And the more Likes, follows, and subscribers you’ll get to your channel.

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