A Copywriting Formula for Earning Riches from Niches


Ever considered adding ‘makeover artist’ to your services?

Allow me to explain…

Whenever starting a new project, one of the biggest challenges is making a client’s products seem special. Even if it has the same widgets and speed settings as all the others, there are ways of making the most bland product standout.

Two ways are to focus the product’s appeal on a specific niche or to give the brand a unique personality. Neither of these are easy to do.

Ask a client who they want to target and 99% of the time they’ll say ‘everybody’. Ask them to compare their business to a car and most will yell ‘Ferrari!’.

The problem is that when you try to appeal to everyone, you appeal to nobody.

All you end up with is a bland, boring brand fighting for survival in the sea of mediocrity, where survival typically means slashing prices because you’ve nothing else to offer.

So the next time you’re trying to come up with a unique twist for a product, try to convince the client that it’s time for a makeover. Tell them to forget about the mass market.

Focus on the niches instead and creating marketing that appeals to one specific customer. If they seem unimpressed mention that you have a simple formula that will make their brand special in a way their competitors cant emulate.

Defining Brand Voice 2.0

Defining a brand’s voice, or personality, used to entail little more than broad stroke generalizations, such as that it should sound ‘personable’ or ‘professional’.

But if you want to standout from all the other ‘helpful’, ‘friendly’ and ‘straight talking’ businesses out there, you need to dig deeper.

This doesn’t mean sending volunteers from marketing and sales to trek to a mountain retreat in Borneo, where they then sit in a sweat lodge on a full moon and wait for inspiration to arrive. Completing simple equation is much easier:

Your buyer’s persona + the ‘reason why‘ the company exists = the unique personality to evoke in your marketing

No matter how many clients you complete this equation with, rarely will the answer be the same. The answer will provide you with a gateway into being able to differentiate your client’s products and to attract customers looking for a company they can feel an affinity with from their bland, boring rivals.

Give yourself a makeover

Why not apply this equation to your own business? Stop being just a generalist. Choose a market to specialise in or develop a specific skill. Be an autoresponder expert, a leading copywriter for the pet industry or a conversion specialist. Think about why you became a copywriter in the first place and which clients you are trying to attract.

Then update your website, email campaigns and sales letters with your refocused pitch and you’ll attract the right sort of clients as a result.


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