5 Things to Check When Copy Doesn’t Convert

Oh, no! Your copy bombed!

What can you do about it?

Check these five things…

  1. Does your product match the market?

Are you trying to sell something people are buying already?

Or are you trying to create market demand that doesn’t exist?

  1. Is your lead too weak?

If in Hotjar you don’t see at least 85% of people scrolling through the lead you’ve got some tweaking to do.

  1. Is the big idea boring?

Is your big idea something the market has heard before?

Is there a way of “unpeeling the onion” and describing how your product works at a deeper level?

Or are there two compelling ideas you can combine to make a stronger single one?

  1. Is the close too weak?

You want to be aiming to get at least 50% of people scrolling to the product reveal.

Once that’s achieved, then make sure your close is:

a) Reminding people of the key points in your sales letter

b) Presenting an emotional crossroads of where their life can lead from this point

c) Making the product’s price sound like a bargain compared to the alternatives

  1. Tighten the golden thread

Copywriting is often described as having a “golden thread” (think of it as like a theme) that passes through an entire sales letter holding it all together.

So if you find your copy is going off on too many tangents…

You need to start pulling it back into the central theme…

Like tucking threads into a single long rope.

So there you go…

Those are five things to check when a sales letter isn’t converting,

Any you’d add?

Let me know in the comments.

Attribution – Hat tip to Chris Wright for these five tips. 

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