A Copywriting Principle that’s Becoming Vital for SEO

For a while now, I’ve been using this blog as a pulpit for preaching to anyone who’ll listen on the benefits of great content.

Building traffic to your website is one thing. But you still have to consider what you’re going to do when visitors arrive.

Are you merely going to offer them the same self congratulatory copy they’ll find in your brochure? Or offer them useful content that answers their questions, demonstrates your expertise and builds trust in your business?

Well, thankfully my clarion call for investing in great content is now being taken up by the SEO brigade. No longer is SEO merely about keywords and begging for back links.

Now having content that people find useful and want to share is becoming vital if you want to improve your search engine ranking.

Focus on the reader, rather than where to place keywords

Last week I posted about some of the changes taking place in how Google ranks sites, and why human behaviour is becoming a key factor in its algorithm.

Increasingly, it appears as though it’s websites with sticky content, that engages readers for longer, gets bookmarked and shared on social media sites, that are experiencing a boost to their search ranking.

So to improve your exposure, your website needs content that assists people’s buying decisions or helps solve a problem. Luckily, this is something copywriters are adept at providing.

A key principle of copywriting is that it should focus on the needs, desires and pains of the reader, rather than praising yourself.

If Google is grading sites based on how people engage with their content then copy focused on the needs of the reader, rather than your own, is becoming vital for improving your position in the search results.

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