Why it’s Time to Ditch the Autoresponder and Build an Email Sales Funnel Instead

email sales funnel

Don’t build your farm on rented land. That phrase continues to make marketers look sheepish who spent too much time on their Facebook page and not enough on a channel that works.

What am I talking about? Email marketing, of course. And I don’t mean just sending out a monthly newsletter or setting up an email autoresponder and thinking your work is done. Oh, no. That attitude won’t cut it in the midst of 2015.

Today’s savvy marketers are far more sophisticated. They’re using email to power ‘customer value optimization’ strategies that increase leads and the average order value of every customer. Autoresponders present just one path for leads to follow or to fall off. The new approach to email entails creating an obstacle course of ‘lead magnets’, ‘trip wires’, ‘profit maximizers’ and multiple funnels all delicately arranged to keep readers on their toes and spending money for longer.

Multiple paths to profit. Not just one

Creating email sales funnels (a.k.a. marketing automation) is a strategy used by e-commerce giants like Amazon, information businesses like the Motley Fool and the interwebs brightest digital marketers to run email campaigns that are optimized to within an inch of their life. They’re all earning handsomely from it too.

Want to join them?

If you click on the image below you can download my seven step guide to creating email sales funnels like the internet’s best players. By following this simple strategy, you’ll be able to use email to create a far more powerful path to profit than a well meaning but ultimately ineffective monthly newsletter. When setup correctly, and fed with quality fuel, email funnels act like a finely tuned sales generating machine, converting more of your visitors into leads into friends then into loyal customers.

7 Step Sales Funnel small

Switch off the autoresponder. Build engagement paths instead

If you’re a copywriter or marketer, savvy businesses will throw money at you to implement this strategy thanks to its trackable ROI. If you’re a business owner, I recommend you stop wasting your website’s traffic and setup lead magnets and tripwires to convert visitors into leads as a matter of urgency.

Whatever you decide, not implementing a sales funnel means leaving money on the table. So turn off the autoresponder and ditch the monthly newsletter. Join today’s smart marketers and build profit driving sales funnels instead.

P.S. You can find out more about building funnels in Ryan Deiss’ book ‘Invisible Selling Machine’. He explains how many emails to write for each stage, what to say and a plethora of rock solid email tactics that work.

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