Why VSLs are the Fastest Way to Build a Six Figure Business (SEO agencies hate me for sharing this advice)

People will eagerly watch videos on topics they’re passionate about

If you’re happy spending thousands on SEO, social media marketing or ‘branding’ each month with very little to show for it, read no further.

Because I’m about to reveal how six figure businesses can be built in weeks (or even days) without spending a cent on any of these methods.

What I’m referring to is the ‘video sales letter’. Or VSL for short.

A sales vehicle that’s ugly, basic and has a bad rep for hype. But can be a conversions monster in the right hands.

“Why would anyone watch this?”

Whenever I show a VSL to someone for the first time they’re incredulous as to why anybody would happily watch a 40 minute ‘slideshow’, let alone buy anything at the end.

My response is that people will happily watch a documentary on TV if it’s on a topic that matters deeply to them.

Imagine you’re targeting the obesity market – your viewer is 30 kg overweight, their cholesterol is out of control, they suffer from stomach pains and fear the Sword of Damocles (in the form of a massive and fatal heart attack) is dangling above their head.

Don’t you think they’d eagerly devour a VSL that reveals the simple lifestyle changes that can help them shed the kilos without starving themselves, to reverse their heart disease and to be around long enough to see their grandkids grow up?

Sure they would.

Here are four reasons why VSLs are so powerful at selling:

1. VSLs Out Convert Long Form Sales Pages

A VSL is, in essence, a long form sales letter pasted over multiple slides. This makes it more appealing to people happier watching YouTube videos than reading 20 pages of 14pt Times New Roman.

Just like a sales letter, VSLs use all manner of copywriting techniques, sales psychology and even NLP to keep people watching and to present your offer in a persuasive way. This helps them to typically convert better than long-form sales letters, particularly for cold traffic from advertising.

2. VSLs Have Built 6 Figure Businesses

The key to growing a business fast is SCALE.

When you have a high converting offer all you need to do is open up the money hose and spray it with traffic.

When you’ve got a persuasive VSL as the gateway to your sales funnel, you can grow to six figures or more like greased lightning, compared to months of toiling away in the smoke and mirrors wonderland of SEO or posting Tweets that get drowned in the stream seconds later.

You can even get free traffic by starting an affiliate program and reaching out to people in your niche with large email lists or followings. It’s the definitive win win.

3. VSLs Allow YOU to Control the Sales Process

On a written sales page people can scroll around, skim read, check the price and pick which bits to read in whatever order they choose. Seeing this in action (and realizing that people don’t studiously read every word in order) is enough to make grown copywriters cry.

However, with a VSL it’s YOU that controls the conversation in their heads.

With no option to fast forward, viewers have to engage with your pitch in the sequence you choose.

That’s the magic of the VSL.

YOU control the sales process. Not them.

You can address their pain, build trust, present your solution, explain its benefits, provide proof and justify the price in one logical flow that takes them from curious to convinced and ready to buy.

4. EVERY Business Can Benefit from a VSL

You may think that VSLs only work for supplements, weight loss products, eBooks and B2C markets.

But sales psychology is the same whatever market you’re in – yes, that includes hard nosed corporate B2B types.

For B2B markers, VSLs can be presented as webinars – arguably the most powerful way of selling high ticket items to switched on prospects.

VSLs also give you the best chance of converting a lead much faster than a 10 part email sequence, series of sales calls or a round of golf with your account manager.

Million Dollar VSLs in Action

Here are five examples of simple slideshows that have generated millions in sales:

The American Parasite – VSL for a probiotic supplement

The Biggest Sign of Aging – VSL for anti-aging cream

End of America – VSL for a financial newsletter

Big Diabetes Lie – VSL for a diabetes course

7 Second Trick Eliminates Brain Fog – VSL for a nootropics supplement

Get a Proposal for Your VSL

I’ve written and helped produce 60 minute long VSLs in many different markets. This includes heart disease, insomnia, nootropics, weight loss, anti-aging skin cream and even golf training aids.

In fact, my VSL for the PowerChute swing trainer is set to be a million dollar seller while a VSL I wrote for the Lean Body Workout system had a “stellar” 7% conversion rate (I still can’t quite believe it myself).

I’d LOVE to provide the same results for you.

Even if you’re just curious, get in touch and I’ll be happy to put together a free proposal on how I’d promote your product with a VSL and the backend funnel we could build that would increase the lifetime value of every customer.

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