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Three ways of creating a mobile version of your website

Do you own a smartphone? I bet, being the sophisticated reader that you are, you do. You only need to do a quick scan of people on trains, in supermarket queues and around the office to know that smartphones are

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Cliched copywriting on trial

The Copywriter’s Crucible Puts Clichéd Copywriting on Trial

Sooo, the new website is up and running, after a few minor technical hitches. On the home page you’ll see I’ve followed through with the idea/threat of switching to promoting myself as an agency. Along with the elevated sense of

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behavioural economics copywriting mind tricks

Behavioural Economics – Mind Tricks You Can Use in Your Copywriting

Why do people buy things? Sounds a simple question. In the copywriting world, you’re taught to use a combination of aspiration, emotion and logic to secure a purchase. But there can also be subconscious irrational reasons at play. Over the

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Why Facebook’s popularity is great news for copywriters, and bad news for article writing sweatshops

When one door closes, another door opens. Long time readers will know that I’m not a fan of the $10 (or less) per keyword article copywriting gigs you find on freelance bidding websites, like Elance and Guru. I pity the

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complex copywriting

Why Complex Copywriting Can Give Your Product the WOW Factor

After reading this headline, I can imagine many of you are shaking your heads thinking ‘Gheeze Matt, what planet are you on? Don’t you know you should keep it short and simple?’ Allow me to explain. Yes, it’s true –

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Why Brief is Better when it comes to B2B Email Copywriting

Writing B2B emails is one of your trickiest tasks as a copywriter. They might be brief (100 words max). But that just means you’ve got more to pack into every word. Business people can be stressed and busy at the

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Targeting the Youth with Direct Mail and Right Writer review

I know my blog’s output has been poor over the last few months. So to try and make amends, I’ve got a double whammy of posts for you: UK’s youth the most engaged with direct mail With all the fuss

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referral marketing tips

Referral Marketing Tips for Copywriters

Being the modest bunch that we are, copywriters often hate asking for referrals. Normally we’re only brave enough to ask for testimonials because we can do it from the safety of a computer screen. We’d all love to think that

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Want to to increase your email’s click throughs? Make it easy to share

With 55 million updates on Twitter every day and several million more on Facebook, it’s no wonder marketers are excited about social media. Whilst making a message that goes ‘viral’ is more pot luck than a defined strategy, you can certainly improve your

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UK Copywriter Takes On the US Military Over the Use of Bullets

Ever witnessed ‘death by PowerPoint’? This is the phrase coined by the US military for the mind numbingly dull 30+ slide briefings they have to sit through. But it’s not just the length of PowerPoint presentations that’s under attack. According

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