My Morning Routine

morning routine

Morning routines are a hot topic among ‘growth hackers’ these days. And many of them get competitive over who can set their alarm clock at the most insanely early hour and pack in the most soul enriching stuff before the milkman arrives.

My routine is pretty lightweight, so Tim Ferris and The Rock can rest easy.

I’m not a morning person. My routine’s only aim is to force my brain into a gear slightly above sluggish, rather than redefining my place in the mulitverse.

7.30am – Alarm clock goes off. My brain wakes up long enough to switch on CNN or RT at high volume before I slip back into a coma.

8.00am – Headline news on what Donald Trump said wakes me up long enough to sit upright. I check my email, browse the news and see what Skype chats I missed.

8.15am – Grab my headphones from a drawer next to my bed and listen to a 15 minute guided meditation on YouTube (I recommend the Honest Guys channel).

8.30am – Now a full hour after my alarm clock first went off, I slide (rather than leap) out of bed to put on a pair of shorts before heading to the gym.

8.45am – Exercise for 30 mins, alternating between weights. running and yoga on different days to get the blood and brain cells flowing.

9.15am – Shower and breakfast.

9.30am – Grab a notepad and pen and fire up the latest assignment on Copyhour. This is a course I’ve been doing for the last year where they email you a successful direct response ad to dissect and copy by hand. If you’ve done all your homework on copywriting theory, I recommend taking Copyhour to start hardwiring smart sales writing into your brain.*

10.30am – I’m ready to tackle the day’s projects with gusto. Just for good measure, I’ll take a tablet of L-Theanine with my morning coffee (L-Theanine is a key active ingredient in most nootropics supplements) to get a caffeine buzz that seems to last the whole day..

My two ‘hours of power’ help me to banish the lethargy that plagued my mornings. I now feel more mentally alert and focused, and not wasting hours shopping for moleskine notebooks.

How about you? Any morning routine hacks you’d love to share?

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