Check out this hybrid Facebook ad funnel – It’s gold

Creating a million dollar selling funnels doesn’t have to be rocket science.

It doesn’t have to mean testing 100 different headlines… forcing traffic through 10 different presells… or feeling like you’re herding cats trying to get it profitable.

It can be as simple as seeing what’s working for marketing’s elite and re-engineering it.

There’s one monster selling funnel, in particular, that’s been popping all over my social media feeds.

A funnel that suggests advertising supplements on Facebook isn’t just allowed… but is EXTREMELY profitable.

The funnel in question is for Advanced Bionutritionals’ new protein supplement. And it looks to be converting very well indeed.

Let’s breakdown each step to understand why.

1.Hybrid VSL and text ad

It seems like Facebook has relented on its blanket ban on supplement ads.

Which is great news because it means we can start running ads like this beauty.

The text ad follows a classic structure:

  1. State a fact people perceive to be true
  2. Go all contrarian and dispute that fact
  3. Outline the reader’s struggles
  4. How you’ve found a breakthrough new solution
  5. Build intrigue in finding out more about the solution, or provide proof it works
  6. Click the button to find out more.

While the video provides tons of testimonials from real people, builds more intrigue in the solution, how it can work for everyone and then closes with future pacing on the transformation that awaits.

So no big claims.  

Just people talking about their experience and building intrigue in finding out more.

And from here the funnel goes direct to the VSL page, with no need for a pecky presell ‘shield’ that can cut your clickthroughs in half.

2. VSL page

Click here for the original.

Video sales letter structure:

  • If you want to be strong at any age listen to this story
  • Old guy tried all these methods. But still kept losing muscle mass as he got older.
  • He kept getting more injuries
  • Tried all the normal things but nothing worked
  • Yet after trying the breakthrough solution, within 4 weeks he’d healed his injuries and put on muscle
  • Now he’s in better shape than most younger men, and competing in Ironman competitions at 70 (what a story!)
  • What’s his secret? Protein
  • But not normal protein from shakes
  • He got his body to make protein
  • I’m going to show you how he did it
  • First, lets review what is protein
  • And what happens if you dont have enough: weaker, anxious, injury prone etc
  • I’m sure you can see why proteins so important
  • What’s the best source? Baby’s milk
  • But we’re not babies. So what’s the best source for us?
  • Eggs. Not protein powders that turn into sugar.
  • Problem of our digestive system not absorbing it properly.
  • But what if you didn’t have to rely on the digestive system?
  • What if the amino acids could go directly into the bloodstream?
  • You’d have to take them in the right combo.
  • The problem with getting this solution to work. It wasn’t easy.
  • How I solved this problem to create max protein absorption
  • Product intro
  • Back to story on giving to patients and the results. 
  • Back to our hero 70 year old athlete
  • After taking this amazing product he finished 30 mins quicker
  • Some people thought he must be on a banned substance
  • You can benefit from it too.
  • Clinical study that proves it works for average people.
  • 7 key benefits of this product
  • Price framing – less than a cup of coffee
  • Get 3 months supply and save money
  • 90 day guarantee
  • Cross roads – Continue to lose muscle or sleep better, get more muscle, boost overall wellbeing, enjoy life to fullest
  • FAQ

And the magic continues, because after the video finishes it auto switches to this slick order page

3. Order Page

As you can see, it’s packed with proof elements and explanations to reinforce what was mentioned in the video.

Because the checkout page can be one of the BIGGEST leaks in a funnel…

But also one of the easiest to fix.

Simply add lots of proof elemens so it’s convincing enough to convert on its own.

No doubt about it.

If you’re working on a campaign for a supplement, this is an awesome funnel to get inspiration from.

Yes, they have tons of proof and a solid doctor to support their pitch.

Yet you can still adopt the strategy of creating a hybrid Facebook text and video ad that sends people direct to the main sales page.

And avoid losing 50% or more of your clicks on the presell page.

How about you?

Any health funnels you’d like to see me breakdown? 

Comment below and let me know.

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