RMBC method at a 97% discount

Last week Stefan Georgi released his RMBC method.

In case you didn’t know, Stefan Georgi has had more top 10 monster sellers on Clickbank than any other copywriter (at one point, 6 out of the top 10 were written by him)…

He now charges $50k per sales letter…

And alongside Justin Goff, he runs the Copywriter Accelerator group, which now costs $30k a year to join.

In other words, he may know better than anyone what it takes to write sales letters and VSLs that convert on cold traffic.

The RMBC method is his long fabled process for researching and writing sales letters in super fast time.

Previously, you had to be a member of his $30k p.a. Copy Accelerator to learn it.

But last week he released it publically. 

So, as you can imagine, I snapped it up pronto before he decides rasising the copy skills of hundreds of his competitors might impact his earnings.

I’ll be posting a longer review after I’ve completed it.

But in case you’d like to spend this Sunday upgrading your copy game, here’s a link to the looong sales page:

>>>Get Stefan Georgi’s RMBC method at 97% less than it would cost to access via the Copy Accelerator group 

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