URGENT – Stefan Georgi just shared a chance to turbocharge your career writing for him… But there's a catch

I know I’ve been banging on a lot about Stefan Georgi’s RMBC method recently…

But I feel compelled to bang some more…

Because the ‘$50k per sales letter’ man just shared an UNBELIVABLE opportunity….

A chance for copywriters to turbocharge their career writing for his 9 figure clients…

and get the fame, glory and money that comes with it.

But there’s a catch…

Two catches to be precise.

Here’s the deal:

Stefan gets overloaded with 9 figure clients begging him to write sales letters for them.

Projects paying $50k. But projects he doesn’t have time for.

So what Stefan’s done is agree to take on these projects BUT…

outsource them to people who’ve completed his RMBC Method training.

He’s shared the first 2 of 18 writing opporunities in the private RMBC Method Facebook group.

He’ll be selecting a total of 18 copywriters, who’ll earn $3-5,000 + $2.5-3,000 bonuses for the best letters.

So first catch is that you have to buy the RMBC Method to get access to the private Facebook group to apply.

The RMBC Method course costs $997, so there’s a chance to make back your investment almost immediately.


There’s a second catch.

And this second catach is that he wants headlines and 150 words of the lead by…

Thursday morning PST.

So there’s no time to waste, and why I’m writing this with such urgency.

I intend to take part.

The chance to get on Stefan Georgi’s radar and connect with some of his 9 figure clients is too great to miss.

So if you’d like to join me:

  1. Buy RMBC Method course
  2. Join the private Facebook group
  3. Find Stefan’s post on what to do
  4. Spend today, this evening and all night if you have to working on your headlines and leads for his first two projects

If selected, you’ll then have 3 weeks to write the sales letter.

Yet with the RMBC Method now at your disposal, you can write them in record time (and potentially scoop a juicy bonus)

Good luck!

Earnings disclaimer – The links in this post are affiliate links. Here’s a non-affiliated link if you prefer. Main thing is you dont miss this career turbocharging opportunity.

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