My $200 Supplement Funnel, Now Finally Ready to Launch!

Finally, my supplement offer is ready to launch! 

So far it’s only cost me about $200 to build the funnel (cost in unpaid hours is another matter). So I’ve taken bootstrapping to the Xtreme. 

The plan is to launch my duct taped version to get some data, and then upgrade parts as I go along.

Here are my key takeaways from the latest stage of this epic journey. 

1. Use text to voice software to HEAR how your copy sounds (not just hear it in your head) 

Using text to voice readers adds another day to how long it takes me to write VSLs. 

But it’s worth it. 

As hearing your copy out loud is the only way to pick out the awkward sentences, annoying repetition and parts that sound too unbelievable… which you have a habit of skipping over reading it in your own head.

What’s more, these days you can choose from a selection of voices to match your guru’s persona (see key takeaway 2 for more on this).

It was only after hearing my script in my guru’s voice (a Scottish lady called Glenda) that I realised how much my copy sounded like a 41 year old internet marketer anot not a 50+ lady from the Highlands.

Feverish editing doth ensued. 

2. How to hire VOs for $75, who are ALSO happy to do unlimited rereads WITHOUT charging a single extra cent

Text to speech technology is evolving at a rapid pace. And I found a couple of voices on LOVO which sounded so realistic they’d pass the Turing test.

Are they as good as a high calibre human voice actor? 

Nope. Not by a long shot. 

But they’re good enough for creating a bootstrapped version of your VSL to test with. And you can create new leads on your own in a matter of hours.

Money likes speed in this game.

3. Use YouTube as a customer research tool.

Want to find a hungry market? 

Type in keyword searches like “How can I…” or “Why do I feel…” into YouTube’s search bar and see what pops up. 

YouTube also allows you to target these same people in problem research mode…. and present them with the solution in your VSL.

4. Fast track way to create bottle labels you’re happy with

Hiring label designers for your supplement logo on Fiverr is a hit or miss affair, to say the least,

After endless rejected designs, I found an easier way of creating labels I’m happy with. And that’s to use Wix’s handy logo maker tool.

Simply tell it the emotional response you’re looking for, which logos you like and don’t like and Wix will then provide you with pages of logos to choose from (which you can then further customize). 

You then buy your favorite logo, send it over to your label designer and get them to add a snazzy background. 

5. Minimize refunds with a 60 day transformation email sequence

Transformation is hard. Yet it’s the big promise we’re selling in our VSLs, with the supplement little better than the ‘McGuffin’ that helps our hero over the finish line.

But a lot of customers don’t realize transformation doesn’t happen overnight.

So a lot of them take your supplement… wake up the next day… and don’t feel like their “brain is sharp as a steel trap” or that they’ve “incinerated pounds of fat to reveal their hot college body underneath”… 

And demand a refund, before leaving a stinker of a review somewhere.

Here’s how I plan on limiting this from happening…

Studies show that when people implement lifestyle changes with ongoing support their results dramatically improve.

So my plan is to couple my sups with a 60 day transformation sequence – Emails designed to inspire, motivate and give them an action plan to follow.

To give you an example, I’m planning on turning 60 key lessons from Jack Canfield’s ‘The Success Principles’ into daily emails. That is, as soon as I’ve got some sales, and I know investing the time is going to be worth it.

Another email sequence will be health tips harvested from ‘Woman’s World’. So not quite as overwhelm inducing.

6. Turn your TSL into an eBook

Like I said, I’ve only spent about $200 on the funnel so far. So while I’ve saved a ton on development costs, there are LOTS of areas that need serious spit and polish. 

This includes the text version of the VSL. Because get this, there isn’t one! 

Instead, I’ve turned my VSL script into a downloadable eBooks. Which will either swoop gracefully under my prospects’ ad-alert radar and scoop up some sales… or just gather digital dust on people’s harddrives. 

Who knows.

The only way to find out is to get some data.

So now, it’s time to open up the money hose… spray my supplement offer with traffic… and see what grows!

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