Final Week to Register for Copyhour in 2016 –

What’s the best way to get good, nay, an expert at writing copy?

Copy that harnesses time proven persuasive techniques, emotional storytelling and buying triggers that send conversions to the moon?

You could read all the classics by Hopkins, Bly, Ogilvy, Kennedy and, of course, Schwartz (if you’re lucky to get a copy) – over and over again.

That should be done as standard.

But to get to the upper levels where you can start sharing your sky high conversions in forums, charging royalties and have Agora contact you about your copywriting skills, you MUST practice, practice, practice.

But where do you start?

How do you know what are the best direct response ads to copy? In what order? And how do you make sense of the underlying psychology that makes them so powerful?

In what order to study them?

And how do you make sense of the underlying psychology that makes them so powerful?

The answer is simple.

It is to join Copyhour.

Copyhour is an email driven course where you are sent an example of a highly successful sales letter, ad or other type of direct response copy to, well, copy.

Not only that, but Copyhour’s mastermind, Derek Johanson, explains what is the strategy behind it, the psychology that makes people buy from reading it and where it fits in a sales funnel.

The Fastest Way to Advance to Heavyweight

Trust me, copying out winning ads is the BEST way of advancing your direct response skills fast (and watching your rates as a result).

I studied Copyhour myself for over a year and the knowledge I gained was instrumental in my progress towards writing for media buying agencies in the US, where every click and sale is measured with military precision.

If you want to battle in these trenches you won’t last long without some hardnosed copy skills wired into your brain.

And this is exactly what Copyhour can do for you.

But if you want to take advantage you’ll need to move fast – the doors close this week for the last time in 2016.

You’ll then have to wait until Derek reopens them again, which could not be for another six months, which is another six months until you can climb up the skills ladder towards heavyweight status.

But why climb when you can leap?

>>>Join Copyhour before the doors close in 2016

Disclaimer – Copyhour links are affiliate links. But trust me, this course is legit and is the best way to advance from writing articles, brochures and websites to writing hard-hitting direct response copy – and getting paid accordingly.


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