Copyblogger Releases ‘Teaching Sells’ Report

Ever since I started learning about the rapidly evolving world of internet copywriting, Brian Clark’s Copyblogger has always been at the top of my reading list. He has finger on the pulse more than most and always gives the impression that he knows more than what he reveals, encouraging you to eagerly await every post for more insight into his brain.

I expect most of you will have already downloaded and devoured his latest report, but for those unfamiliar with Brian’s work I’d suggest subscribing to Copyblogger immediately if you don’t want to miss the boat.

I won’t go into too much detail, but the ‘Teaching Sells’ report suggests that the internet will soon become a primary platform for education and self development. This means plenty of opportunities for writers you are able to explain principles in clear, concise language and combine it with audio and visual aids.

I think it’s going to take a determined effort to get people paying for content when at the moment they expect to get it for free.

Still, it could be a very promising area of future employment for writers worldwide, and backs up the notion that the internet should be a platform for information, not advertising.

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