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Copy Chief Radio Appearance – The YouTube Remarketing Generator

How much are you paying for clicks these days? A dollar? Two dollars? Even higher?

How about your cost per lead? If you’re paying less than $3-5 you’re doing better than marketing heavyweights like Russel Brunson.

The fact is that millions of marketers have entered the marketplace over the last couple of years. And click costs are getting so high that you need a minimum order value of $100 just to break even, let alone make a profit.

Well, I’m here to change all that.

I developed a strategy I’ve called the “YouTube Remarketing Generator”.

It works like this:

  1. A prospect Googles “how to solve X problem”
  2. If they visit YouTube in the next 15 mins you show them a video related to X problem
  3. If they watch for 30 seconds they go into a remarketing list
  4. You can retarget them in Google Display for half the normal price

Using this strategy, I’m getting clicks from people trying to solve health problems for just £0.35 ($0.45). That’s half what you’d normally pay on both Google and Facebook.

Even better is that these are clicks from people ACTIVELY trying to solve a problem. They’re what Gary Halbert called “hungry buyers”. So you can expect to get higher conversions and profits from every click.

I break down the entire strategy on Copy Chief Radio with Kevin Rogers.

I’ve also written a report that explains how to implement my YouTube Remarketing Generator strategy step-by-step.

Joe Public has to hand over his email details to get a copy.

However, as you’re one of the savvy people who’s subscribed to the Copywriter’s Crucible already, a mere click on the image below will suffice:


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