How to Get Traffic to Your Offers for £0.08 with Explainer Videos on YouTube

Ad click costs are out of control.

A year ago you could get high quality clicks on Facebook for $0.30. Fastforward to today and average click costs have rocketed to a staggering $1.72.

In the finance industry you can expect to pay $3.77 – for a SINGLE CLICK!

I won’t even bother mentioning Google. Its skyhigh click costs have been the best way of burning through your budget (and crash landing to business failure) for years.

Today’s reality is that millions of new marketers have joined cyberspace. And, inevitably, click costs are only going in one direction – and that’s UP.

So what can you do?

Abandon advertising altogether and build Facebook groups instead?

Gamble your life savings on print?

Or…find a NEW prospecting pond where few people fish?

Advertise on the Internet’s #2 Search Engine

Last year I got banned from Facebook. And it was the best thing that could have happened.

It meant I had to zig while everyone else zags.

I had to look at other channels. To pan for hidden gold where few others were looking.

After an expensive misadventure through the dashboards of Yahoo, and Outbrain, I found my marketing El Dorado.

A place where you can get clicks to your ads for as little as £0.01. And you have the potential to generate hundreds of thousands of future engagements for FREE to an active user base of one billion users.

I am, of course, talking about the internet’s second most popular search engine: YouTube.

What I recently discovered is that, by harnessing time proven direct response principles, you can create videos that get high engagement, high rankings and a flood of free clicks to your offers.

7 reasons to create advertising videos for YouTube

Engaged user base – Millions of people go to YouTube daily to find information and solve problems. This will only increase
Volume – If the video is built properly, you can expect to get more and more traffic as its rank rises
Fast – A video can start attracting traffic in a matter of hours, and rank at the #1 spot for key phrases within 2 weeks.
Stable – You never have to live in fear of Google’s next cuddly sounding yet brutal algorithm update from pouring money into the black hole that is SEO.
Low risk – There is ZERO additional cost in publishing to YouTube. So you can try it in addition to hosting the video on your own site at no risk.
FREE traffic – Did I mention that traffic from YouTube is FREE. Just imagine what you’d have to spend to get 500,000 views of your video from Google ads? Probably $1 million and climbing.
Long-term growth – Over time as your videos gain more views and higher rankings the traffic generated across your WHOLE channel increases

Sounds amazing, right?

That’s exactly what I thought.


If it was easy, everyone with a smartphone and an affiliate link would be sipping on Margaritas in Cancun by now.

There are three MAJOR challenges blocking you from success.

1. People have to watch it – If your video is too boring, too scammy, uninformative, fails to answer their question or causes flame wars and complaints, your video is DOOMED to fail.

2. Sell the damn thing – People HATE videos that are obvious sales pitches. If they get the merest whiff of a self serving sales pitch it WILL enrage them into downvoting your video into oblivion.

3. Competition – There are 100 hours of video uploaded every MINUTE. Standing out from flood is gunna be tough.

With all these barriers, you must think I’m cuckoo crazy to suggest it’s even possible to get 100 views, let alone 100,000.

Well, that is EXACTLY what I am suggesting.

Because you see…

I worked out how to harness direct response techniques to create short explainer videos that people watch, engage with and the motivate them to buy at the end.

I’ve already done the painful trial and error. The experimentation. I’ve battled through the failures and the frustration to, finally, reach the Eureka moment when the system just WORKS.

And these are videos that will continue to send FREE traffic to your client’s offers from now until Skynet takes over and uses YouTube for its own dastardly ends. But I digress.

If you’d like to know:

– What are the 5 KEY ranking factors (MOST people get these wrong, because YouTube’s algorithm recently changes and I know HOW)
– What you must do in the FIRST minute to hook people in and then keep them engaged (and avoid a ‘cliff edge’ drop off in views)
– How to use my ‘dangling carrot trick’ to keep people watching until you present your offer
– Why length matters (and what length viewers love the most)
– The exact time to start selling the link to your product page and how to sell it in a non-spammy way so you get more clicks to your offer than down votes

Then I’ve created a 5-day email course that reveals all the answers.

Better than that, it provides you with the EXACT 5 step plan I follow for researching the market, finding profitable niches and then how I create short explainer videos that also upsell products (hey, we all wanna get paid).

Registration Closes After 50 Signups

I’m limiting this to the first 50 people to register then I’m shutting this down.

Firstly, so I don’t create limitless competition for myself.

Secondly, so I can devote enough time to helping those 50 get their channel up and running.

Then this will likely shift to a paid product.

So if you want to get all my YouTube marketing secrets for free while you can, all you need to do is enter your BEST email (no ‘burner’ addresses, please folks) and I’ll be in touch faster than the lightning strikes the tree.