8 Ways to Boost Your Copywriting Business’ Revenue in 2014 – An Early Xmas Gift from The Copywriter’s Crucible

Christmas copywriting tips

Just a quick note to wish you all a merry Christmas. Hopefully, you’re demanding clients are allowing you some time away from the keys to spend with your families and to indulge in the festive spirit. If not, just think of the money.

The end of the year is always a good time to reflect on the last twelve month’s successes and what could have gone smoother. It’s also a good time to start planning for the year ahead, and plotting ways of attracting new clients and holding onto existing ones. Remember that the best copywriters are also the best marketers. We should be promoting our own services as voraciously as those of the people we write for.

Just before I switch off my laptop (for the weekend at least), I want to remind you one last time in 2013 that the key to making yourself more valuable to clients, and deserving of better pay, is it become added value.

Here are eight ways of boosting your revenue in 2014:

  1. Make 2014 the year you specialize in one topic, instead of competing with all the other generalists
  2. Identify the companies you want to hire you. Then send them a sales letter convincing them why they should
  3. Offer conversation rate optimization services using A/B split testing
  4. The money is in the list. Offer auto-responder writing and list building services which delivers real results, and put social media marketers to shame
  5. Evolve from dated SEO copywriting to offer inbound marketing expertise. Create a content marketing process which reels in prospects from social media, escorts them into the funnel and then neatly deposits better informed buyers at the other end
  6. Partner with a local designer to offer brochure creation services, along with the copy itself
  7. Step away from the desk and meet real business owners, instead of battling for sweatshop rates on freelance sites
  8. Track down a free trial offer for Bing and offer businesses free audits of their content so you can recommend improvements

Me, I’m planning on packaging up some of my added value services into a more cohesive manner. I suggest you do the same.

Merry Christmas Crucible readers. Let’s raise a glass (or a coffee mug) to a busy and profitable 2014.


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