3 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Launching a Supplement Offer

It’s hard to believe…

But work on my supplement offers is still in motion.

If you’ve been subscribed for the last 12 months you’ll know that I’ve been working on launching my own supplement offers for the last year.

And for 10 of those 12 months things didn’t go smoothly. Not at all.

The good news is that my luck started to change when I invested in Cody Bramlet’s ‘Supplement Millionaire’ program (< affiliate link). 

A lucky group of us who among the first buyers have been getting personal mentoring from Cody to get our offers going. And he’s even offered to promote our offers to his list. 

Worth the price of entry many times over!

I tried launching one offer to his list already – Natura Zest, an energy supplement for 45+ women.

The good news is it did 4.5% add to cards. 

The bad news is that only 8% converted, leaving me with a shameful 0.5% conversion rate.


Cody believes with some tweaks, like lowering the price, I can turn it into a winner. 

But I want to take bigger swings next time I launch to his list. 

So I’ve created a new weight loss offer (I hope to test in the next few weeks. 

Then should the “God’s of cart conversions” smile down on me… 

I’ll start reaching out to affiliates to hit it hard in Jan.

I’ll keep you posted on how it does.

In the meantime, here are 3 things I wish I’d known before launching my own supplement offer…

1. If you’re happy making $1m revenue a year you don’t need to worry about Facebook, YouTube or Native for traffic

A major cause of my struggles has been trying to teach myself to write high converting YouTube and Facebook ads + VSL production and graphic design + learning how to do media buying.

There’s a good reason why Golden Hippo and Agora have specialist teams for each of these disciplines.

And my results were as mediocre as you’d expect.

Well, since getting mentoring from Cody, I’ve discovered there’s no need to mess around with Facebook or YouTube at all.

There are 100-200 people with huge email lists who’ll happily promote your offer in exchange for a lion’s share of the profits (like 70%). 

But when your goal when selling supplements is primarily to create a list of high spending buyers, you can afford to give away 70% and still potentially make money on the front end.

2. Focus on creating a weight loss offer first. Otherwise you’re making things harder for yourself

My first offer was supposed to be a weight loss offer for a detox supplement. 

But after Clickbank’s compliance team told me I couldn’t talk about toxins or their impact on people’s metabolisms, I had to change direction and turn the detox supplement into an energy offer instead.

Turns out there’s a reason you don’t see many energy supplement offers on Clickbank. Because only Green Valley (Vital Force) and Dr. Sears (Primal Force) have been able to get them to work.

So another of the key takeaways from Cody’s Supplement Millionaire program has been to focus on creating a weight loss offer first, and then use the other supplements as upsells.

3. Test your offer first and then pay for insurance, tech and VSL production

Before I’d got a single click to my offers, I’d already spent a King’s ransom on insurance, website development and optimisation, video creation, stock images and videos, voice overs, traffic… and the list goes on.

I could have saved a lot of this money if I’d focused on testing my offer ideas first as Facebook ads to advertorials… seen what got the most clicks… and then invested in creating an offer with all the bells and whistles.

Those are just three of the things I’ve learned from trying to launch my own offers. 

And I have tons more I can’t wait to share with you…

Particularly the elation I’ll feel when finally… 

…after over a year of frustration, sleep interrupted nights… and toil…

I finally have a winning offer to share with you and my plans to scale it to the moon! 

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