The #1 Facebook Advertising Mistake

top facebook advertising mistakeFacebook has probably the best targeting of any ad platform. And it got even better with the updated ‘Custom Audiences’ and Lookalike audiences.

You can now target new prospects for your blog posts or reports with precision.

But creating quality content and finding the audience is a waste of time unless they click on your ad.

And this is where most campaigns fail.

Because arguably the single biggest mistake when advertising on Facebook is  – to write your ad like an ad.*

In other words, creating an ad with obvious stock photography, a headline announcing what you’re trying to sell and body copy loaded with superlatives and exclamation marks.

These ads fail on Facebook because it’s not what people want or are looking for.

You need to take a step back and look at Facebook’s feed from a prospect’s perspective.

They’re not reading every post but flicking through with their thumb while slumped in front of the TV or waiting at the supermarket checkout.

You need to think what will make them pause for long enough to read the body copy.

So rather than self promotional, your post needs to be about an amazing new discovery, breaking news or a valuable info that will help them in their job.

Put simply, the secret to advertising success on Facebook is not to write ADS but to write NEWS.

But don’t just take my word for it.

The other key to success is to test, test and test again.

Run a selection with different types of approaches, headlines, body copy and images.

See what the stats tell you. Then let me know if I was right.

*Unless you’ve got an ecommerce store.

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