Want 55% more traffic? Start a blog

When I started this blog three years ago I used it as a platform for banging my drum about the benefits of blogging for businesses (in fact, The Copywriter’s Crucible was originally called the keyword packed ‘SEO and Business Blogging UK’ (I don’t know why I changed the name either)).

I started blogging after being indoctrinated by ‘Naked Conversations‘ and discovering how powerful blogs are at SEO. At the time, I thought I was joining a revolution in corporate communication, and that is was inevitable that blogging about your business would become the norm.

Three years later and there hasn’t been the groundswell in business blogging that I, and many others, had anticipated/hoped for. But that doesn’t mean more won’t be blogging in the future, particularly now it’s been given the more respectable title of ‘content marketing’.

There are plenty of eBooks, studies and surveys on the benefits of blogging for businesses. And one survey receiving a lot of blog posts and Tweets at the moment is that of HubSpot (creators of the popular Website Grader SEO tool). From their data of over 1500 businesses they found that those with blogs attracted:

  • 55% more traffic
  • 97% more inbound links
  • 434% more indexed pages

Whilst these findings are certainly generalised and open to scrutiny, they’re encouraging for us blogging fans and reinforce what I started preaching about three years ago.

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