That’s it, I give in…I’ve joined Twitter!

I’ve been able to avoid it up until now, thinking it would just be another time waster and excuse to procrastinate (up there with checking my site stats every two minutes).

However, after listening to the Freelance Radio podcast (recommended listening to anyone navigating the freelance, remote working world) I decided to give Twitter a whirl.

The whole panel sang it’s praises as an excellent tool for networking, getting to know people in your field, sharing information and getting questions answered, so not wanting to miss out I thought I’d join the flock.

At the time of writing I’m following 0 people and have 0 followers, so if you’d like me to join your network please let me know your username in the comments:

2 thoughts on “That’s it, I give in…I’ve joined Twitter!

  1. Well done, Matt. I had the same trepidations as yourself but have found a number of great contacts, increased my blog readership leaps and bounds, and gotten a couple of gigs. Well worth it!


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