Ready for 2020? Here's a Great Resource for Upgrading Your Skills for $27

Got big plans for 2020?

Me? I’ve signed up for Kim Krause Schwalm’s mentoring program to take my natural copy skills to the next level.

As you can imagine, mentoring with an A lister like Kim isn’t cheap.

Yet if you’re looking for an affordable yet VALUABLE way to upgrade your skills in 2020…

DR copywriter Mark Pescetti (who’s made countless millions for clients) is giving away all his wisdom in a program he’s called ‘The Copywriting Miracle‘.

And get this, it’s just $27.

But only until midnight tonight (Portland time).

Then it goes up to $67.

I’ve joined.

Why don’t you join too and I’ll see you in the private FB group.

>>>Check out Mark Pescetti’s Copywriting Miracle

Happy New Year!

Let’s make 2020 our most profitable year yet.

P.S. None of the links are affiliate link. Just sharing a great resource for upgrading your skills and income in 2020.

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