Direct response copywriter Matt Ambrose with John Carlton

Next Week Only – Free Live Training from John Carlton and Colin Chung

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At Copy Chief Live 2017

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You’ve heard of the legendary John Carlton, right?

One of Gary Halbert’s original “road dogs” who’s known as the “most ripped off copywriter” on the planet?

The brains behind the one legged golfer ad and “gun to the head” copywriting?

Of course you have.

So you’ll be interested to know that next week ONLY John’s offering training that normally costs $708 for absolutely FREE! Zilch. Nada. Cero.

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The training will teach you 3 vitally important skills:

– How to Discover Your Unique “Copy DNA”… and never run out of ad ideas ever again…
– The Simple “Fill-in-the-Blank” Sentence… that turns your elevator pitch into instant sales!
– 3 Steps Every Close Needs… that turns almost any prospect into a customer-for-life…

>>>Find out more about this incredible free training

John will be presenting each lesson.

You’ll then get individual, personalized coaching from one of his most successful students of all time – Colin Chung.

Colin’s copy has generated over $25 million in financial newsletters, health supplements and business growth.

His clients include big hitters like Newsmax, Agora Financial, Weiss Research, Brian Tracy, Mike Koenigs, Integrative Nutrition, Dr. Al Sears, and more.

As a mentor, he charges $8,500 for training that’s taken multiple copywriters to the six figures per year level.

And he’s willing to give you his time and attention personnally for FREE!

Before I hit publish, I checked their info page and there’s still 21 spots left.

Unless you’ve booked a skiiing trip for next week and can’t cancel, I’d hot foot it over to the registration page to book your seat pronto before they’re all gone.

Nobody knows when John will make an offer like this again (if ever).

So if you’d love to get coaching from two truly A-List copywriters who’ve helped numerous fellow wordsmiths to boost their earnings to six figures and make millions for their clients in sales, reserve your place RIGHT NOW!

>>>Book your slot for FREE coaching from A-Listers John Carlton and Colin Chung

Earnings disclaimer – If you decide to signup for the full Simple Writing System Coaching Program yours truly will get commission.


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