My blog’s name change to ‘The Copywriter’s Crucible’

After much pondering, I have finally decided to change the name of my blog. ‘SEO, Business Blogging and Copywriting UK’ just wasn’t cutting it anymore amongst all the other punchier blog names out there.

The spread of broadband, increased time people are spending online and growth of social networks means that effective internet marketing techniques are evolving all the time. With this in mind, I have renamed my blog ‘The Copywriter’s Crucible’ – a melting pot of internet marketing news reacting with my own thoughts to provide a weekly dose of information, which I hope is of value to my readers.

The internet is also, in many ways, creating a period ‘characterized by the confluence of powerful intellectual, social, economic, or political forces’. We are going through a phase where we are just discovering how the internet can turn business models on their side and disrupt the entire philosophy of advertising. An exciting time for copywriters everywhere with a new generation of cynical consumers who need to be educated rather than sold to – ‘The Copywriter’s Crucible’ intends to be on the front line in spreading awareness of how this can be done.

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