Learn More About Online PR with a $200 PRWeb Press Release

Online PR is certainly one of the buzz terms at the moment, and what better way to learn more about it than by using a free $200 press release from top online distributors PRWeb.

Ponn Sabra at EmpowerWomenNow.com is currently running a promotion with PRWeb in which you can use one of their top press release distribution services for free. All you have to do is sign up for Ponn’s newsletter and then attend a PRWeb webinar.

Requirements taken from EmpowerWomenNow.com:


1. Subscribe to Ponn’s free Empower Me Now Tips ezine, here.

2. Register for a free account to PRWeb.com here,* and register for a “Free Webinar” once you are in your account. [On the left-hand side of “My Account” you’ll see Mario Bonilla, Platform Trainer, smiling at ya!]

* If you already have an account, hit “SIGN UP NOW”, and click on the upper-left-hand-tab <Home> to ‘login’ your ‘username’.

3. Once you receive your confirmation Webinar email, forward a copy to prweb<at>empowerwomennow<dot>com

4. Attend the Webinar and afterwards send an email to Mario at the address he supplies. He will email you back a coupon code for redeeming your press release distribution service worth $200.

For anybody unfamiliar with Webinars, please note that you need to call a teleconference number. I used Skype and it only cost me £0.96 for the full hour; I’d recommend that anybody else calling from outside the US tries this instead of using a landline.

The Webinar was very informative and certainly gave me some new ideas as well as an insight into some of the extra services that PRWeb provide over free services.

Now I’ve just got to think up a story worthy enough for my $200 release!

4 thoughts on “Learn More About Online PR with a $200 PRWeb Press Release

  1. Hi Matt!

    I’m so glad you found the Webinar so beneficial. A true Pro keeps learning and applies the new knowledge to unlimited success, right?

    Great tips about Skype. I promote this to my international clients too. Those in the UK, PRWeb.com has a 800# to call too.

    As for your first top of the line PRWeb.com press release (and everyone participating), Mario and I recommend to use this release as a “positioning” release based on your top 1-2 keyword phrases. The shelf-life is forever, and though mine is now nearly 5-weeks old, I get significant traffic solely introducing my resources at EmpowerWomenNow.com

    Thanks for promoting this incredible offer over hear 🙂

  2. Matt,
    I thought that maybe your readers could use our local UK phone #. Please use it 24/7 to speak to an editor in our US office if you would like.

    Good Luck with your release.


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