tested website design

Improving Website Conversion 1 – Why Test?

tested website design

This is the first in a series of posts on improving a website’s conversion rate. Over the coming weeks I’ll be explaining how you can identify the reasons why your website isn’t converting and then how you can make measurable improvements.

I’ll be covering a range of tools and tactics for making your website more persuasive, ‘sticky’ and profitable. So stay subscribed folks!

It’s a fact – most websites don’t perform anywhere near their potential. Too often, they’ve been built based on assumptions and guesswork. Businesses will then spend a fortune on driving traffic, but without a clue whether their website will generate any sales.

But there’s a better way.

The internet is a marketing medium that’s trackable to the last click. Instead of best guesses and hope, you can test exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Using real info on what people are doing, you can mould and improve your website’s conversion so it’s better at persuading visitors that buying your product is the smart thing to do.  Instead of relying on preconceptions, you can see what actually works.

There are businesses that have literally doubled their revenue from implementing a tested approach to improving the conversion rate of their website. It’s for a simple reason: it works.

It doesn’t require magic buttons, HTML tricks or the ability to write like David Ogilvy. What it does require is:

1)      Understanding your customers’ objections

2)      Identifying how you can resolve these objections and build trust

3)      Implementing changes and testing the results

4)      Rinse and repeat, until you arrive at a higher converting website

Businesses spend thousands on PPC and SEO but without fine tuning their website. But this is the wrong way round. It’s like spending a fortune on a highway to a shopping centre without knowing whether visitors will buy anything.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be showing you a system for flipping this equation the right way round. I will show you how to make real improvements to your website you can measure to the last click.

Literally any website can benefit from a tested approach to improving website conversion. Stay tuned to find out why.

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