eBook on Persuasive Writing Coming Soon

Just a quick post this week to let you know I havent abandoned you and will be back blogging soon. Currently I’m working on an eBook on persuasive writing which I’ll be serialising on the blog before giving it away for free in a couple of weeks.

It won’t contain any groundbreaking info most writers don’t know already, but I’m hoping it will be useful for casual visitors looking for some advice on how to write clearly, with brevity and without some of the corporate speak and gobbledygook used by government councils and the like, which confuses rather than communicates.

I’m trying to take a new approach to blogging in which I can reuse content in other formats, and an eBook on writing clearly seemed an obvious place to start.

Hopefully, the first part will be ready next week so stay tuned Crucible fans.

7 thoughts on “eBook on Persuasive Writing Coming Soon

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