Don't Sell with T-rex Arms

When someone’s thirsty, sell them another glass.

Wise words.

But why not go all out and sell them the pitcher?

As the economy tanks…

Maximizing conversions on every page will get ever more vital.

One stage too many marketers hold back on is their first upsell.

They think people are weary…

Have read enough already…

And aren’t in the mood for another 1,000 word sales pitch.

So they throw up an upsell page with minimal copy and a juicy discount, and hope for the best.

But the result is an offer with “T-rex arms” (hat tip to Justin Goff).

It lacks muscle.

It’s attempt at selling is feeble.

Instead, you’ve got to get some meat on the bones. 

You’ve got to go through the entire sales process.

Present a new idea… 

Address skepticism… 

Tell them how it works in a revolutionary way… 

Anchor the price…

And set readers at a crossroads between pain or salvation.

Turning the upsell page into a more muscular, fully developed sales page can dramatically boost average order value.

And as consumer cash gets scarce…

Optimizing EVERY page for conversions will mean the difference between surviving and thriving.

If you’d like to know the best way to create high converting upsells, you get a step-by-step process on how to do it in Stefan Georgi’s RMBC Method course.

Along with Heath Wilcock’s video on writing advertorials and Jerrod Harlan’s videos on million dollar selling emails…

I think the bonuses are worth the price of entry alone.

You can read my review of RMBC Method here…

Or click here to visit the sales page.

Earnings disclaimer – The above are affiliate links. However, like I’ve said in previous posts, I’ve bought it myself. And I think any copywriter serious about joining the top ranks of high converting copywiters should get it too.

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