How to Create Chatbot QUizzes for Generating Leads at Low Cost

How to Generate $1 Leads on Facebook with Chatbot Quizzes [FREE GUIDE]

Chatbot copywriting turns Messenger into a persuasive salesman


Some marketers say they’re passing fad.


….who are using chatbot quizzes to generate HUGE lists of subscribers for pennies on the dollar…

…know different.

They know that chatbots can get: 

  • Open rates of over 90%
  • Clickthrough rates of over 30%
  • New subscribers for as little as $1 

Stats that put email marketing to shame.

And stats that mean chatbots have IMMENSE potential for driving traffic to advertorials and sales pages at ultra low cost.

Chatbot quiz funnel stats

And it gets BETTER. 

Because at the time of typing, few marketers and businesses are using chatbot quizzes.

That means the field is wide open for generating huge lists of RESPONSIVE chatbot subscribers and turning them into customers.

AND for a fraction of the $1.72 average cost per click everyone else is paying.

Why Chatbot Quizzes Are AMAZING For Lead Generation

Sounds BODACIOUS, right?


Before you can profit from the juicy stats I’ve mentioned, you need to get people subscribed.

There are a few ways to do this.

One way is to run Facebook ads that ask a provocative question

Anyone who comments then becomes a subscriber AUTOMATICALLY.

This can be an effective strategy. 

But it’s best suited for converting an existing page’s fans into chatbot subscribers.

A FAR better way of generating subscribers is a chatbot quiz. 

A quiz you run 100% inside Facebook Messenger.

There are so many benefits to chatbot quizzes it’s INSANE:

  1. People LOVE quizzes – For years, quizzes have cream of the crop when it comes to creating responsive ads.
  2. Quizzes get people taking action and diagnosing their issue –  With momentum comes movement. Getting people clicking and responding greases the slippery slide towards them subscribing to your email list or buying after the quiz.
  3. Shareability – Making ads shareable is vital for keeping costs down. And quizzes are one of the most shared types of ads on Facebook going. Period.
  4. Low cost – Facebook’s goal is to keep people on their site as long as possible. So by running the quiz inside Messenger, Facebook rewards you with lower click costs.
  5. Compliance – Quizzes don’t involve making claims. So you face fewer compliance hurdles, particularly when running quizzes for health offers.
  6. Quick and easy – There’s no need to build a quiz on a separate website, worry about poor loading times, or whether they’ll subscribe at the end.
  7. Segment and prequalify – You can tag and segment people based on their answers and PRE QUALIFY them as customers.

I could go on with more benefits, but you get the gist: Chatbot quizzes are AWESOME for lead generation.

How to Do It 

You run a simple ad like this one:

As soon as people click on the ad and click to start the quiz they become a subscriber.

That’s it!

What to see a quiz in action?

Here’s a gut health quiz I’ve used to generate subscribers for $1. Click here to take the quiz in Messenger.

How to Build the Chatbot Quiz

Let me introduce you to Manychat.

Manychat is a drag-and-drop chatbot builder. 

Along with building quizzes, you can use Manychat for building:

  • Onboarding sequences for new customers
  • An interactive FAQ on your website
  • Upsell sequences for visitors to your Facebook page
  • Automating customer service on your website
  • Sending customers product updates and news

So it’s like the R2D2 of chatbot builders.

For now, let’s focus on what to do after people complete the quiz.

And that’s to get them on your email list.

Generate Email Subscribers in One Click

You never know what spanners Facebook is going to throw in the works.

So get chatbot subscribers onto an email list as FAST as possible.

The good news is it can be done in one click.

After people have completed the quiz, dangle a lead magnet. 

Make sure it’s something quick to consume, and not a lengthy eBook that gets left to gather digital dust.

Now this is where Manychat gets REALLY clever. 

Rather than share the lead magnet directly in the chat, you can auto-populate the chat with the email address they used to register on Facebook. 

So all they need to do is click on it…

Et Voila!

You have a new email subscriber.

After sending them their free gift, you can then follow up with an upsell sequence for your main product by both email AND in Messenger.

Just don’t be lazy and copy + paste the same message (more on that later).

Obey the 24 + 1 Rule

All sounds great so far, don’t you think?


There is a KEY rule to follow when contacting subscribers. 

The oft misunderstood 24 + 1 rule.

When someone interacts with your bot you have a 24 hour window to send them promotional messages. 

After that, you can only send ONE more promotional message

Starting in 2020, you’ll have to pay to send non-commercial messages after 24 hours.

That is UNLESS they’ve interacted with your chatbot.

So you need to make sure you include questions and buttons for people to click on, so you can continue directing them to your advertorials, sales pages, and offers.

Four Pillars to a High Quality Chatbot Experience

Let’s do a rundown on what we’ve covered:

  • The high open rates and clickthroughs of chatbots
  • The benefits of chatbot quizzes
  • How to build chatbot quizzes with Manychat
  • How to get subscribers onto your email list

All good so far?

But guess what… 

if the conversation with your chatbot SUCKS people are going to unsubscribe faster than if you’d started posting Louis CK gags (or whoever’s been cancelled when you read this).

The good news is there are a few simple rules to follow to create bots people will be happy to engage with, and maybe even share with their friends.

  1. Have a Personality

Just like with every channel, you’re only a finger flick away from having your messages ignored. 

So keep them short, punchy, and conversational. 

Ask your subscribers lots of questions, give them clearly worded buttons to click on, and reward them with GIFs when they do.

The first few messages should set expectations for what’s to come. So tell them about the messages you’ll be sending, how many, and how to unsubscribe if they want out.

When you’re in Facebook’s playground, it’s better to ask for permission than beg for forgiveness.

2. Let Them Leave When they Want To

I know telling people how to unsubscribe is counterproductive.

But if you make it confusing or difficult for them to leave, they’ll most likely flag your bot as spam. A Facebook ban will swiftly follow.

So REGULARLY remind subscribers how to unsubscribe.

But when they do, create a witty unsubscribe sequence as a last ditch bid to win them back.

3. Avoid ‘dead ends’ in the conversation. 

A ‘dead end’ is where the sequence ends abruptly and they realise they’re chatting to a bot. 

When the illusion is shattered, unsubscribes soon follow.

So turn every dead end into a friendly sign off.

4. Give Your Bot a Brain

We’re still a long way from Messenger Bots having the IQ of Suri. 

Until they get an upgrade, setup automated responses for common keywords and questions you expect people to post in the chat.

You can even use this as an interactive customer service tool, and for answering common objections.

Launch a Chatbot Quiz while the Iron is Hot

So there you go.

An action plan for creating chatbot quizzes that generate leads for as little as $1.

You now have all the info you need to get started. 

Like I said, chatbot quizzes for lead gen is still a little known and under used tactic.

So click costs are low.

But as sure as lightning strikes the tree, when more marketers find out about it costs will zoom up FAST.

So while the iron is hot, get your own chatbot quiz up and running (for yourself or for clients) and start generating leads for pennies on the dollar.

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