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How to Make Science Interesting

In science class at school…

All I ever wanted was to see things explode.

But mixing sulphuric acid with baking soda only ever happened once in chemistry class.

Then it was back to studying the periodic table… 

And calculating the speed of waves nobody could see.


Well, guess what…

Readers feel the same way when it gets to the science section in a natural health sales letter.

Sure, they want to learn something new.

And there needs to be proof behind how your mechanism works.

But you still want to make the science as interesting and EXCITING as possible.

Otherwise engagement falls off a cliff.

Here are three ways to make the science in a sales letter more fun:

  1. Describe the new discovery like a scene in a movie

You want your scientists to be nervous that their experiment will work…

Because NOTHING like this has ever been attempted before.

Then they need to be “stunned” and cheering and clapping for joy when their experiment works.

Think how you’d describe NASA scientists during a rocket launch (hat tip Stefan Geogi)…

And apply that to the scientific discoveries in your sales letter. 

  1. Make the lead researcher a pioneer taking on the establishment

Supplement buyers HATE big pharma.

And LOVE to hear about determined scientists challenging the “pill for every ill” mantra of the mainstream medical machine.

So try to find one particular scientist to focus on.

And then turn them into a heroic figure…

Who’s determined to find a natural remedy that will save lives…

No matter how hard the medical establishment and their buddies in the media try to bury their research.

  1. Describe what “it is similar to”

Remember that we’re writing for smart 12 year olds.

So you need to find metaphors to turn complicated science into something your reader understands and can visualize.

For example…

You could describe beta cells in the pancreas as being like factories pumping out insulin…

Or the brain’s neural web as being like the electrical grid, at risk of blackouts unless every power plant is maintained.

Bonus Tip – After the science part wake up the reader with MOMENTUM

After the science section, your hero typically has a “eureka” moment where they’ve discovered the missing piece of the puzzle.

You then want to jump back to the emotional thrill of your story with MOMENTUM.

You want to have something ACTIVE happen that gives readers a sudden change in pace.

This could be your hero RUSHING to hug a loved one to share the good news, with tears of joy running down their cheeks…

Or have them held aloft by cheering villagers after the local medicine man shares the recipe for “Hung Phat” tea.

Whatever you choose to happen…

Just find a way to shake readers awake after science class…

So you can pull them into the next stage of the sales letter.

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