The Copywriter’s Crucible Scoops an Award

Writing a blog can sometimes be an isolating experience. You hammer out a post each week (well, most weeks anyway) before publishing it and hoping someone somewhere will find it useful.

Unlike paid tasks, you don’t get the luxury of an email or phone call letting you know whether you’re on the right track. Instead, comments and backlinks are the lifeblood that feeds your desire to keep pumping out posts.

So it was uplifting to be listed in Odesk’s Top 40 Writing Blogs, alongside such illustrious names as The Copywriter Underground, Copyblogger and Bob Bly (and alongside another 36 excellent writing blogs too).

Now the heat is on to carry on delivering whatever it is that’s earned me such an accolade. With so many writing blogs out there, I don’t take such recognition lightly.

If you’ve arrived here from Odesk for the first time, welcome to The Copywriter’s Crucible.

What you’ll find here are tips on improving your income, building your copywriting skills and how you can make yourself more valuable to clients.

I hope you’ll consider subscribing to my humble blog because it is, after all, you, my readers, that keeps this blog alive.

6 thoughts on “The Copywriter’s Crucible Scoops an Award

  1. Congratulations, Matt. Excellent news. Thrilled for you!


  2. Thanks Robert

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