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Shopping; it’s a pain isn’t it? You waste time sat in traffic. Fight to find an over charged parking space. Then trawl through the aisles just to buy a Shayne Ward CD and an electric toothbrush. 

Perhaps that is why so many people are reaching for their mouse and shopping online. The spread of broadband, IT awareness and preference to stay at home are pushing consumers from the high-street and onto their laptops. 

Last year the British shopper spent £19.2 billion online (IMRG, Jan 2006). 32% more than 2004 and they are expected to spend a further 36% more in 2006. You only have to look at the dramatic growth of Amazon, Ebay and Tesco home delivery to know theres money to be made selling products through pixels. 

The internet has had a wide ranging affect on shopping behaviour. Many car dealerships will tell you how the age of the hard selling, quick witted salesman is being endangered by the resources people find online. Increasingly, people know what model, mileage, colour and preference of air freshener they want before they even step on the forecourt. 

The internet provides not only the means to purchase. But the resources to advise and inform the consumer on the products they want and where from. The methods of selling products and services will be increasingly affected by the information available online. Rooting through the Yellow Pages for just a phone number seems archaic in comparison. 

Online shopping is set to explode when the web becomes flooded with 55-64 year old ‘silver surfers’. This demographic will become the dominant market force and its estimated that 80% of adults will be buying their socks over the internet by 2010 (Future Foundation report, Aug 2005). 

The reality is your online presence will become more important than having an actual retail outlet and your success in generating sales will all depend on your visibility to your customers. 80% of all internet traffic originates from the search engines. It is your ranking on Google and Yahoo which can determine your businesses success in the growing online marketplace. 

Knowing how to optimise your website for the search engine’s ever changing algorithms will maximise your online visibility and ensure your customers are only a click away. If you are slow to respond to the importance of search engine optimisation you will find your website ignored as your customers can’t find you.    

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