Living the Remote Worker Lifestyle – First Stop Malta

Malta - My new home

Back in my cubicle days I used to dream of escape and jetting off to foreign shores. I’d already spent just over a year traveling around Australia and SE Asia. But that just whetted my appetite for seeing more of what’s out there.

A few years have passed since then, and whilst I’ve left my cubicle I still have yet to dust off my backpack and do more globe trotting.

Well, that could be about to change.

In a few week’s time I’ll be flying off to live in Malta for a few months, initially on a trial basis to see whether living abroad harms my ability to secure new clients.

But should I be able to carry on attracting enough work, I’m hoping Malta is the first of a few pins I can stick in the map.

One of the big attractions of freelancing had been the dream of being able to work from far flung places and fit work around my lifestyle.

If everything goes to plan, it’s one dream that could become a reality.

12 thoughts on “Living the Remote Worker Lifestyle – First Stop Malta

  1. TC/Copywriter Underground

    Good luck! Ten years ago I ditched the Silicon Valley for a remote piece of the mountains in Northern California, and I haven’t looked back.

    May the wind always be in your sails…

  2. Thanks Tom. Everything seems to be falling into place at the moment (securing regular work and getting my Google rankings back). So fingers crossed I should be able to survive working remotely. After all, if it doesn’t work out I can always move back.

  3. Good luck out there, Matt. You are making the biggest leap I have yet heard about and I am filled with both admiration and jealousy. I have sworn to follow your lead at some point in the future. Looking forward to reading updates.


  4. Good luck Matt! I’m living in my 1975 Chevy Van, traveling, writing and loving it! You can do it! Malta sounds a lot more exciting than the U.S.A. but the big thing is being free, mobile and having the time of your life!

  5. Ooh – Malta! Cool. When can we come visit?!

  6. Thanks for the well wishes guys. It’s certainly an exciting time making such a big change, and one I feel ready for.

  7. Hi! First time here…and what do we get to see? Someone going to embark upon something new! All the best! 🙂

  8. Are you still here on Malta? How are you finding it?

  9. Hi Mark,

    Yes, still here. Planning on staying for another year at least. Findinig I can live a better work/life balance with the beach on my doorstep, and it’s certainly hot enough!


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