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Why aren’t more UK businesses blogging?

The latest research figures suggest that 35 % of US large companies plan to implement corporate blogging by the end of 2006. If you couple this with the 35% already blogging, by the end of the year 70% of large

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Blogging as the new press release

Traditional marketers are already struggling, particularly in the UK, to adapt to the changes in how you sell your business online. They grew up using clever phrases and spin to sell products and services. Providing transparent information of value seems

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RSS – The future of content delivery?

The deluge of spam emails clogging up inboxes around the world has led to new methods in how content can be delivered. Not only do you want to ensure your news and articles find their way past the spam filters,

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Business Blogging – More than just an Online Diary

The current thinking on optimising your website for the search engines is to do the following: Include plenty of key words (without damaging its readability). Build back-links with good quality, relevant sites. Contain regularly updated articles and news. In the

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Search Engine Optimisation – Why do you need it and how do you achieve it?

For success in selling online you cannot rely merely on flashy graphics and amazing special offers. Web visibility is crucial so your customers can actually find you. Then you can start shouting about your two for one shoe sale or

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Search Engine Optimisation → More Clicks → More Sales

Shopping; it’s a pain isn’t it? You waste time sat in traffic. Fight to find an over charged parking space. Then trawl through the aisles just to buy a Shayne Ward CD and an electric toothbrush.  Perhaps that is why

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