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Why Business People Need to Learn How To KISS

The latest research suggests that business people are struggling to communicate or express themselves properly. This breakdown isn’t due to office politics, or a lack of group hugs, but rather their inability to clearly put into words what it is

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Blowing The Lid On The $1 Copywriting Racket

The internet has created a global marketplace in which products and services can be procured from anywhere in the world. Small businesses now have access to skilled freelancers and service providers globally. You no longer have to rely on your

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Traditional Marketing Attacked Whilst Internet Marketing Spend Increases 24%

Traditional marketing methods have been attacked as being in “a dreadful state” by Virgin Games Marketing Director, Ross Sleight. Speaking at London’s Mermaid Theatre, Ross bemoaned the poor return gained by increased marketing spend, and how traditional methods are now

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15 Copywriting Tips for Capturing Readers and Turning More Subscribers into Customers

Your blog can be a very effective sales tool, but will only be successful if it can capture readers and keep them subscribed. Your blog needs to sell your products and services without reading like a dull sales letter, and

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