Direct Response Copywriter Who Partners with You to Turn Product Launches into Movements

I expect you arrived here looking for a hard hitting, kick ass direct response copywriter?

Well, hiring someone who knows how to write words that trigger people’s lizard brain desires certainly matters.

But what you also need, when hiring a direct response copywriter, is a PARTNER.

Someone willing to take FULL responsibility for ensuring your sales letters, videos, emails, and more convert PROFITABLY.

Because let’s face it, it’s getting harder all the time to hit 2-3% conversions, let alone the 1% most marketers target to break even.

People are more skeptical than ever, and less willing to hand over their money unless you’ve PROVEN you have their best interests at heart and your product really can transform their health, wealth and lives.

In other words…

High converting direct response copywriting isn’t about superlatives and hard selling but CONNECTING with where your customers are.

For this reason, you need a direct response copywriter who’s ready to dig deep into your market.

Someone ready be a long-term PARTNER in assembling a marketing machine that turns leads into buyers into repeat customers.

Someone who’ll stick around for months, or even years, to ensure your upfront promotions STAY profitable while constantly writing new emails, leads, and upsells to continue generating bigger profits from the backend.

Does this sound like the sort of direct response copywriter you’re looking for?

Someone willing to take charge and FULL responsibility for turning one off promotions into the launchpad for new brands?

Matt Ambrose direct response copywriter

Or someone who just hands over the copy, wishes you luck then rides off into the sunset?

If it’s the former, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Matt Ambrose, and I’ve been a direct response copywriter since 2006.

Over that time I’ve written for global tech brands, like Siemens and Technicolor…

performance marketing agencies, like A4D and Jumbleberry…

and many of the biggest names in natural health.

But rather than bombard you with huge claims and superlatives, allow me to share a few reasons to choose me… 

5 Reasons to Hire Me as Your ‘Go To’ Direct Response Copywriter

1. More than just a direct response copywriter. A strategic PARTNER

In this day and age, you need to be generating LONG-TERM customers. Not just one off sales.

To make that happen, I work with you throughout the launch to track, test and optimise headlines, leads, body copy and the entire funnel until we’re profitable.

I then continue to work with you over the long-haul to turn buyers into long-term customers with ongoing emails, advertorials and upsells. Because it’s in the backend where the most gold is found.

“Matt has worked on a number of projects for A4D, writing VSLs, advertorials and landing pages. This includes a VSL for the PowerChute golf training aid which, after some fine tuning, is on course to be a million dollar selling promotion.” – Jason Akatiff, A4D

2. Experienced and Compliant

Over the years I’ve written for over 100 clients in multiple niches. So I bring a wide breadth of background knowledge and experience writing across lots of industries with different copywriting styles.

I’m now predominantly focused on writing natural health copy. Health is one of the most highly regulated industries. So I have to ensure I’m fully up to speed on the latest compliance rules for both the alphabet agencies and ad networks.

3. Professional and I always hit deadlines

I spent my first decade as a freelance direct response copywriter writing for B2B agencies and tech brands. These are clients with professional attitudes and strict deadlines. And I bring the same professionalism to every project.

So unlike some of my deadline shy brethren, you can always expect to get your copy on time as well as spell checked, compliance checked and copywriting checklist checked to ensure I’ve taken every step possible to ensure it converts.   

“I found Matt randomly on Google a couple of years ago when looking for a video sales letter copywriter. We’ve been working with him ever since and he’s become a valuable asset for our agency. All my team needs to do is send him a Skype message or email with the product we want to promote and he does the rest. He always delivers on time and writes great quality copy. In fact, we even hired him to write the copy for our website, so that tells you all you need to know.” – Shaun Sheik, Jump 450! (North America’s #1 Performance Advertising agency)

4. Highly Trained

I’ve read all the classics on direct response copywriting (some of them, like Breakthrough Advertising, multiple times). I also actively follow what the leaders in my field are up to, and adding to my knowledge studying the latest courses.

I’m currently being mentored by Kim Krause Schwalm, one of the biggest names in natural health copywriting. And I’ve also completed mentorships with Lukas Resheske, Russ Reynolds Supplement Copywriting Academy and Kevin Rogers in his RFL program.

Courses completed:

  • Harlan Kilstein’s NLP Copywriting course
  • Agora’s Media Buying Mastery Program
  • John Carlton’s Simple Writing System
  • Todd Brown’s E5 CAMP
  • Kim Krause Schwalm’s 3Rs Mastery Course
  • David Garfinkel’s Fast, Effective Copy
  • Andre Chaperon’s Autoresponder Madness
  • Caleb O’Dowd’s List Building System
  • Parris Lampropoulos’ natural health copywriting course
  • Joel Erway’s Webinar Accelerator Program
Direct response copywriter Matt Ambrose with John Carlton
Talking tactics with grizzled veteran Mr John “One Legged Golfer” Carlton

5. Results Driven

Results is what matters. Not pretty words on a page.

Getting results is harder than ever. Yet the secret to out converting your competitors comes down to one thing: Knowing more than they do.

This means knowing MORE about your customer’s lives, what keeps them awake at night, and what other products have they tried…

Knowing MORE about how aware the market is of their problem and the solution they need to take them from pain to salvation…

And knowing MORE about how your product works, so we can present it as a groundbreaking one-of-kind solution so you can swim in the blue sea of exceptionalism, and not bailing for life in brutal red sea where companies compete on price.

So in other words, I spend at least two thirds of my time researching, planning and strategizing before I even write the headline.

And even after we launch, I keep optimising until we have a winner.

A few of my successes include:

– Increased conversions 428% for a probiotic supplement sales letter

– A VSL (video sales letter) for the PowerChute golf training aid which passed $1 million in sales in a sophisticated and highly competitive market

– Passed an audition to write financial copy for Clayton Makepeace, one of the world’s most successful A list copywriters

– The Lean Body workout VSL which had a ‘stellar’ 7 percent conversion rate (most VSLs struggle to hit 2 percent)

– Advertorials that consistently out convert those of other copywriters by harnessing emotionally driven story telling

– Video Sales Letters that generate average watch time of 8 minutes on cold traffic (while most VSLs struggle to keep people engaged for 30 seconds)

How to Work with Me

VSL copywriter Matt Ambrose with direct response legend Drayton Bird
Shooting the breeze with living legend Mr Drayton Bird

People I like to work with have a vision, rather than just trying to make a quick buck. 

They are (or want to be) influencers, not followers.

They want to create new trends and communities, rather than follow a wave that’s already passed. 

And they want our relationship to be more than an email and a spec sheet. 

But instead a supportive and profitable relationship, which we work together to turn one off launches into brands into new movements.

If that sounds like you, the next stage is to schedule a 15-30 mins call to discuss your project. This allows me to dig a little into what your product is all about. 

Afterwards, I’ll then send you a proposal outlining my recommendations and fee. As I charge per project or monthly retainer, rather than hourly or per word (if you’ve read this far, I know you’d expect nothing less).

Before scheduling the call, I’d like to get your feedback on these questions:

  1. Have you worked with direct response copywriter before and recognize the value of sales copy?
  2. Are you already selling products and simply want better results — or have a new product in the pipeline that needs better sales copy?
  3. Do you already have a reliable way of generating leads and getting traffic to your offers?
  4. Do you already have a goal in mind of what you’d like us to accomplish together?
  5. Does the idea of spending $3,000 to $15,000 on sales copy make you fall off your chair?