How to Improve Website Conversion Rate through Testing, Not Guesswork

tested website design

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Too many businesses have paid 1000s for websites that fail to generate business. The reason is because they were designed the old way, based on assumptions, intuition and guesswork.

But now there’s a new way of designing websites. An approach that makes it possible to know exactly what combination of text, images and layout improve a website’s conversion rate.

We now have tools at our fingertips that give us more insight and speed in making improvements to a website conversion rate than ever before.

Out go best guesses and hope. In come stats, analysis and real measurable results.

This is no idle claim.

There are already examples of businesses that have literally doubled their turnover and increased sales by $1 million a year by improving their website’s conversion rate through testing.

Just imagine what it would mean to your business to dramatically increase your website’s number of enquiries, subscriptions and sales quickly and cost effectively.

How I can improve website conversion rate

The process starts by using Google Analytics to see what your customers are doing on your website: what pages they abandon, what path they take before they’re ready to take action and at what stage they dump their shopping cart.

I’ll then use the data and my own knowledge of website marketing and the principles of direct marketing to suggest changes that can improve your website conversion rate. This could include:

  • Editing the copy so it’s customer focused, punchy and builds interest in your offer
  • Changing or adding images to illustrate the benefits of your product
  • Adding an FAQ section to counter customer objections
  • Adding testimonials and other forms of proof to build trust
  • Adjusting the page headings to be more benefit laden
  • Adding calls to action on every page

Google Experiments lets you see the improvements for yourself

The next stage involves using Google Experiments to test every change and see exactly how each individual element improves your website conversions, whether it’s getting customers to a specific page, filling out the contact form or completing a sale.

The beauty of Google Experiments is that you can test changes without having to overwrite your original. Instead, Google runs multiple versions simultaneously so you see what impact each element has on website conversion rate and whether you should keep them.

I can keep on making small changes and fine tuning your website until the improvements are incremental, and you know your website is performing at the optimal level.

There is no hype or smoke and mirrors involved. Just clear, transparent results.

Contact me now for a FREE assessment of how I can improve your website’s conversion rate:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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