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$1+ million generated for clients from a single launch

Direct Response Copywriting - The Copywriter's Crucible
Matt Ambrose explains how to become a freelance copywriter without experience
Matt Ambrose - Direct Response Copywriter

Direct response copywriter who provides both the words and the strategy to explode your customer list and profits.

Marketing is a marathon.

Not a sprint.

So whether you’re about to launch a new product…

Or have existing products that aren’t selling as well as you’d hoped…

I provide the strategic planning… compelling copy… and ongoing support to maximize your success and profitability. 

I’m Matt Ambrose, a direct response copywriter.

I specialize in helping you find the leaks in your funnel and how to take the selling power of your copy to the next level.

This includes dialling in your positioning, offer, and promotion.

So you can optimize the conversions and profitability of every click.

How I Do It

The process starts with a free marketing assessment of your current copy and strategy.

If you’re launching a new product, I can help you  ensure you’re targeting the right market… are positioning your product as the superior option… and you’re launching with high impact direct response copywriting to maximise your chances of success.

Or if you have an existing funnel that’s not converting…

I can help you identify why your copy is underperforming…

And what we need to do to get that extra percentage boost that tips losses into profits.

The fact is that many businesses are leaving vast sums of money on the table due to not positioning their product the right way…

Not optimizing their copy and funnel as tightly as they could…

Or not emailing their customers often enough with new offers.

All it can take is a small 10% boost in any of these areas to dramatically change the numbers on your balance sheet.

And this is exactly what I can do for you.

Because after conducting your marketing assessment, I’ll send you a report detailing my recommended strategy, your investment, and a timetable for putting it into action.

Individual Pages or Complete Package Bundles

Based on what’s discovered during the marketing assessment…

I can provide you with individual pages of copy (e.g. emails, advertorials, upsells, YouTube and Facebook ads) or a complete funnel.

My funnel bundle packages can include:

  • – E-commerce style product page that harnesses direct response principles
  • – VSL scripts
  • – Slideshow style VSL production (they may be ‘ugly’ but they often convert better than videos with all the bells and whistles)
  • – Multiple B-roll video leads to test
  • – Upsells and downsells
  • – 7-14 day email sequences for onboarding and selling additional products

What’s more, after we launch I’ll provide ongoing support to ensure we’re hitting our targets…

You’re making money…

And getting 10x back your investment in my direct response copywriting services.

Who I’ve Done Direct Response Copywriting For

Over the last 14+ years I’ve helped 100+ companies to generate higher responses and profits from their marketing.

This includes international tech brands, like Siemens, Technicolor, and Micro Focus…

Millionaire internet marketers like Jason Akatiff (A4D) and Shaun Sheik (Jump 450)…

And supplement brands, including Onnit, Adaptive Health, Optimum Life Labs, and Legacy Nutraceuticals.

So whether you’re selling gadgets, info products, or supplements…

I provide the research skills, strategic planning, and punchy copy style to skyrocket your customer based, conversions, and profits.

Recent Highlights

  • – Generated $1 million on cold traffic for the PowerChute golf training aid.
  • – Wrote a YouTube ad that’s generated 1m+ views and likely $100k for my client (based on the bonus I was awarded)
  • – Won ‘Billion dollar’ copywriter Stefan Georgi’s Alitura sales letter competition out of 100 entrants.
  • – Increased conversions 428% for a probiotic supplement sales letter (read the case study)
  • – Passed an audition to write financial copy for Clayton Makepeace, one of the greatest copywriters of all time.
  • – Created the launch campaign for a Beverly Hills based anti-aging skin care brand
  • Increased conversions across sales pages for the internet’s #1 soccer coaching website
  • – Copychiefed by David Garfinkel for the launch campaign of a new brain health supplement

How to Get Started

The first step to working together is booking a Strategy Call.
On the call we’ll discuss your current situation, look at the strategy or funnel you have going on right now, and what’s needed to help you achieve your goals.
This initial call will help both of us identify if we’re a good fit, and can realistically achieve a positive result.
And if everything looks good we’ll work together.
If not, you’ll still get some free advice and a clearer idea on the direction you need to go in. 
“If you’re looking to boost sales skyward with your promotions, look no further than Matt Ambrose. Matt’s ability to write powerful, persuasive health copy has helped him create a string of successful promos for the clients who’ve been fortunate enough to work with him. His years of experience have given him a deep knowledge of and passion for the health market. He’s also developed a mastery of writing copy that sells like hotcakes while staying compliant. But that’s not all. When you hire Matt, you get more than a top-notch health copywriter. You also get someone who understands marketing and the latest tactics that are working online to make your promotions even more effective. I highly recommend you consider Matt for your next copywriting project and, if he’s available, book him as fast as you can!” Kim Krause Schwalm, A-List Copywriter and Copy Mentor

Direct Response Copywriter Services

Direct Response Copywriting

Let’s work together to turn your next launch into the start of a movement.  Whether you need a long form sales page, email sequence or VSL, I work with you to turn buyers into more profitable long-term customers.

Compliant, Convincing Natural Health Copywriting

If you’re running natural health advertising, compliance is no longer an option. I can update your ads for compliance while making them more trustworthy and higher converting at the same time. Or I can write you an entire fnnel from scratch.

Video Sales Letter (VSL) Copywriting

Whether you need a 3 minute explainer video or a 60 minute documentary style VSL, I provide both copy and production for creating compelling videos that keep people engaged. I can also provide you with a strategy for harnessing YouTube to create a remarketing list of red hot buyers you can target at low cost.

Email Copywriting

The majority of profits come from backend sales through email. I can help you maximize the lifetime value of every customer with strategically planned and crisply written upsell sequences. These can include Soap Opera Sequences, Sideways Sales Letters and Heroes Journeys that build familiarity, foster emotional bonds and the trust needed to get the sale.

“Matt – great work. We loved your letter and you really just nailed it on so many different levels – from the formatting which was really on point, to the story telling and big ideas.” – Billion Dollar Selling  Copywriter Stefan Georgi

Direct Response Copywriter Case Studies and Reports

Previous Clients

Memberships and Courses Completed

  • Healthy Back Institute
  • Truegenics
  • Jump 450
  • A4D
  • Jumbleberry
  • Strawhouse Labs
  • Siemens
  • Technicolor
  • Sage
  • Deutsche Poste
  • Eferton Group
  • FN Herstal
  • Micro Focus
  • Adestra
  • Action Storage
  • The Malta Experience
  • Eco Designer
  • bda
  • Visual Trends
  • CAP Global
  • Publicis
  • World Class Coaching
  • Metaprocure
  • TAG Worldwide
  • Clickatell
  • AAH Pharmaceuticals
  • Bookatable
  • Trustpilot
  • Pomegranate

Copy Accelerator Lite member

Kim Krause Schwalm’s Copywriting Velocity program

Harlan Kilstein’s NLP Copywriting course

Lukas Resheske’s Copywriting Mentorship Program

Agora’s Media Buying Mastery Program

Russ Reynolds’ Supplement Copywriting Mentorship

Copy Chief’s RFL

John Carlton’s Simple Writing System

Todd Brown’s E5 CAMP

Kim Krause Schwalm’s 3Rs Mastery Course

David Garfinkel’s Fast, Effective Copy

Andre Chaperon’s Autoresponder Madness

Caleb O’Dowd’s List Building System

Parris Lampropoulos’ natural health copywriting course

Joel Erway’s Webinar Accelerator Program

“I found Matt randomly on Google a couple of years ago when looking for a video sales letter copywriter. We’ve been working with him ever since and he’s become a valuable asset for our agency. All my team needs to do is send him a Skype message or email with the product we want to promote and he does the rest. He always delivers on time and writes great quality copy. In fact, we even hired him to write the copy for our website, so that tells you all you need to know.” – Shaun Sheik, Jump 450! (North America’s #1 Performance Advertising agency)

Direct Response Copywriting Samples

Video Sales Letter (VSL) Copywriting

Sales Letter Copywriting

Direct Response Email Copywriting

Advertorial Copywriting

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with several amazing health copywriters. Some are ‘A’ list copywriters who regularly pulls in millions of dollars through their copy. I’ve worked with Matthew Ambrose for a couple of projects. Very reliable and his work is always solid.” – Shaun Tay, Better Body Co

4 Reasons to Choose Me as Your Direct Response Copywriter

1. Experience – For 14+ years I’ve worked on copywriting projects for 100+ businesses. This includes working on campaigns for global tech brands (like Siemens, Technicolor and Sony); 7 figure launches for millionaire internet marketers; and providing ongoing copywriting support to 8 figure natural health companies. 

2. Qualified – I’ve completed all the best copywriting courses, read all the classics and completed multiple mentorships with some of the best active copywriters alive today. As a member of Copy Accelerator Lite, I’m also in a network with some of the most successful health marketers on the planet. And I also received weekly training calls and support on implementing  the latest and best strategies for generating bigger profits.

3. Compliant – I’m up to speed on how to make compliant health claims based on the guidelines of the FDA and FTC. I also know how to write compliant copy for Facebook and other other ad networks.

4. Long-term strategy & support – Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. I can work with you ongoing to continue improving your sales materials, fixing leaks in your funnels and continuing to beat your existing sales pages to drive up conversions and profits. 

“Matt has worked on a number of projects for A4D, writing VSLs, advertorials and landing pages. This includes a VSL for the PowerChute golf training aid which, after some fine tuning, is on course to be a million dollar selling promotion.” – Jason Akatiff

Talking tactics with grizzled veteran John Carlton

What Clients Say

“We work with Matt regularly on video scripts for our tech clients. As is the nature with creative work, quite often what we’re looking for can change and evolve before we get to the finished product. However, Matt never complains, takes on board any feedback and provides a fast turnaround, even at weekends.” – Karim Majid, Crinel

“Everything about Matt’s work and his approach to it is commendable. His copy is clear, sprightly and a joy to read – even when covering complex subjects. He is highly disciplined about meeting deadlines and very proactive with ideas and responding to queries. I have no hesitation in recommending Matt for any copywriting work you require, and I am certain you will quickly discover he is an excellent researcher and writer, as well as a conscientious, friendly person with whom to do business.” – Anna Sexton, bda

“We auditioned five copywriters and and Matt’s work was easily the best. Just as important is that his turnaround time for projects is quick and he is reliable. Our sales pages now look and read incredibly well and sales have improved because of it. We now outsource all of our copywriting to Matt on a regular basis and we couldn’t be happier.” – Mike Saif, World Class Coaching (the world’s #1 resource of training materials for soccer coaches)

How to Work with Me

I only work with clients I believe I can provide a significant return on the cost of my services, and where partnering is a good fit for both of us.


Here’s what my ideal client looks like:

– Selling supplements or health related info products
– Has already had successful launches
– Understands the value of direct response copywriting
– Understands that we’re in the customer acquisition game
– Has a LEGIT product with proof of the results it produces
– A REAL and emotionally compelling story behind how the product was created
– Generating 7 or 8 figures a year (or at least aspire to)


If this sounds like you and you’re interested in working together, you can schedule a strategy call.

On a 30 minute call the information I’d like to cover includes:

1. What is the product and what makes it superior?

2. Who is the target market and what information do you have on them?

3. Do you have an existing sales page or VSL?

4. How well is it performing?

5. How are you getting traffic to that page?

6. Do you have an interesting backstory on how/why the product was created?

7. Does the idea of spending $6-10k on copy make you fall off your chair?

Based on your answers, I’ll then put together a proposal on how we can work together.

Th proposal will outline my recommended strategy, my ideas for improving your existing promotion or creating a new one and what your investment will be for us to work together.

So if you’re ready to get the ball rolling on working together to generate higher profits for your business, book your strategy call right now:

VSL copywriter Matt Ambrose with direct response legend Drayton Bird

Shooting the breeze with living legend Mr Drayton Bird