Direct Response Copywriting that Boosts Your Profits with Strategic Planning and Time Proven Copywriting Techniques

Direct response copywriting for your entire sales funnel. From advertorials to your VSL to a high converting order page to upsell emails that maximize the lifetime value of every customer

Are you struggling with mediocre sales copy and wishy washy marketing materials?

Would you love for someone to step in and build you an entire SALES GENERATING MACHINE powered by high impact direct response copy?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m Matthew Ambrose, a direct response copywriter.

For over ten years I’ve written for multinational B2B tech brands, including Siemens, Technicolor and Micro Focus, as well as for many different B2C markets. As well as write the copy, I have extensive experience of building sales funnels for my clients that take leads from curious to convinced and eager to buy.

If the sales funnel is the engine, direct response copywriting is the fuel that drives it. I can provide you with both to skyrocket your sales with the power of smart direct response marketing.

Previous Clients

– Technicolor
– Siemens
– Micro Focus
– World Class Coaching
– Sage
– Adestra
– Clickatell
– Trustpilot
– Bookatable

Industries Covered

– Technology
– Health
– Anti-aging
– Supplements
– Weight loss
– Fitness
– Personal development
– Info marketing
– Property
– Security & defense
– Manufacturing
– Banking
– Tourism

Direct Response Copywriting Samples

Why I Should be Your ‘Go to’ Direct Response Copywriter

When it comes to selling, there’s a big difference between clever wordsmiths, who rely on fancy words, and hard nosed copywriters who know how to maximize sales.

I’ve studied all the greats – I’ve read, annotated, highlighted and studied voraciously the classics by John Caples, Claude Hopkins and Eugene Schwartz – not once, but multiple times. I’ve also taken direction from today’s living direct response legends, including Drayton Bird, Bob Bly, John Carlton and Bob Sugarman.

I’ve completed the best courses – I’ve spent thousands of dollars over the years on copywriting courses and forum memberships. This includes Copyhour, 80/20 Copywriting, Autoresponder Madness and I’m a fully paid member of Copychief. So as well as knowing about all the classic sales psychology tactics, I’ve got my finger on the pulse of what’s working right now in conversion rate optimization and direct marketing.

Recognition in my industry – I’ve been interviewed for books on copywriting, including Andy Maslen’s book ‘Write Copy, Make Money’, and I’m listed alongside some of the best copywriters in the industry in Bob Bly’s exclusive referral list.

Most of my clients come from referrals – I’m fortunate enough to now get most of my work from referrals, rather than my own outreach efforts. This reflects how highly my clients rate me and the results I’ve delivered for their businesses.

Free proposals – I’m happy to provide a comprehensive proposal for free of charge, in which I’ll outline my recommended structure and strategy for your copywriting project. I provide this so you can see for yourself that I know what I’m talking about and the quality of the service I provide.

Feedback from Clients

“We auditioned five copywriters and and Matt’s work was easily the best. Just as important is that his turnaround time for projects is quick and he is reliable. Our sales pages now look and read incredibly well and sales have improved because of it. We now outsource all of our copwriting to Matt on a regular basis and we couldn’t be happier”

Mike Saif,

Matt’s sales copy for my hypnotherapy eBook was better than brilliant. His writing is very clear and interesting to read and he knows how to structure it in a way that makes a real impact. Delivered on time and minimal amends were needed. Very impressed with his copywriting service from start to finish.

Peter Hill,

Even if you consider yourself an excellent writer and even when you don’t think it’s possible to improve on your copy, Matt’s copywriting will condense, clarify and add punch to it. He took time and interest in learning about the specifics of our company and its personality to better reflect it in the communications. Matt was instrumental in getting our brochures designed and ready for our big launch. All in all, a job very, very well done!

Sabah Mirza,

This is exactly what I expected!..boy you are good! Mate, thank you so much. I am happy with all of it. I will definitely, want you to do follow up copywriting for me in the future.

Paul Birch,

How Much Does Direct Response Copywriting Cost?

1 page letter/email/article
2-8 page letter
Video sales letter per minute
Full page advert
Per day
Small leaflet
8 page brochure/website
Email + 1,000 word landing page
£140 / $180
£280-1,120 / $360-1,440
£70 / $90
£350 / $450
£480 / $600
£360 / $450
£960 / $1,200
£600 / $750

Get in Touch if You Want to Boost Your Profits

I’m eager to hear about your project.

I don’t charge for proposals. And my proposals aren’t just a time and cost estimate you could write on the back of a napkin. They’re an ENTIRE STRATEGY for building a sales machine that will get the maximum profits from my copy.

I want to remove your doubts and prove to you that I have the copy chops and the strategic thinking to transform your business with the power of direct response marketing.

Time is money.

So delay no longer.

Get in touch with a few details about your product and let’s get your campaign rocking and rolling towards profit: