Direct Response Copywriting that Boosts Your Profits with Sales Psychology and Time Proven Copywriting Techniques

I’ve written campaigns for major tech brands targeted at high value individuals and 60 minute long videos to sell supplements to cold traffic. I know how to write copy that gets a response and will increase your sales.

Forget design and graphics. It’s sales copy that has the biggest impact on conversions and your profits.

On the flip side, if your sales copy is weak or uninspiring it’s costing you money every single day!

If your sales pages aren’t converting, 9 times out of 10 it’s because of the copy.

What’s worse, weak copy may be sending customers the other way – to your competitors!

Maybe you are making some sales with mediocre sales letters and marketing materials?

Just imagine how many more sales and how much more money you could be making with powerful, persuasive copy that opens minds and unlocks wallets.

With professionally written sales copy you can:

• Increase the leads and prospects generated
• Convert more prospects into paying customers
• Watch your bank balance rise with all the extra income
• Separate yourself from the competition still struggling because they tried writing their website themselves

So you see it’s true – if you want to make more money from your sales pages and website, hiring a professional direct response copywriter is an investment that pays for itself many times over.

What is Direct Response Copywriting?

Direct response copywriting is known as ‘salesmanship in print’.

Based on time proven techniques perfected by generations of copywriters, it convinces people to buy products with emotional and logical triggers.

Instead of relying on flowery language (that’s best left to the novelists), direct response copywriting adopts a concise, conversational style. It acts like having a hotshot salesman speak directly to your customer, addressing their objections and getting them excited at owning your product.

Whether you want to sell eBooks, natural supplements or financial investments, I can provide you with punchy, persuasive direct response copy that SELLS convincingly with every single word.

Previous Clients

– Technicolor
– Siemens
– Micro Focus
– World Class Coaching
– Sage
– Adestra
– Clickatell
– Trustpilot
– Bookatable

Example Industries

– Technology
– Health (e.g. heart disease, insomnia and probiotics)
– Supplements
– Weight loss
– Fitness
– Personal development
– Info marketing
– Property
– Security & defense
– Manufacturing
– Banking
– Tourism
– Investing
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Why I Should be Your ‘Go to’ Direct Response Copywriter

When it comes to selling, there’s a big difference between clever wordsmiths, who rely on fancy words, and hard nosed copywriters who know how to maximize sales.

I’ve studied all the greats, such as John Caples, Claude Hopkins and David Ogilvy, and taken direction from today’s living direct response legends, including Drayton Bird, Bob Bly, John Carlton and Bob Sugarman.

I know precisely how to use psychological techniques and persuasion strategies to create a ‘slippery slope’ that takes readers from curious to convinced and ready to buy. For this reason, I’m listed alongside some of the best copywriters in the industry.

I’m happy to provide a proposal for your project free of charge, in which I’ll explain exactly how I’ll structure your page, sales letter, VSL or whatever type of copy you require.

That way you can see for yourself that I know what I’m talking about, and that there’s no risk of hiring someone out of their depth, like a lot of the, shall we say, disingenuous copywriters you’ll find on the interwebs.

Characteristics of Powerful Direct Response Copy 

– Gains attention
– Rubs salt in the customer’s pain
– Builds rapport
– Stresses benefits
– Differentiates you from the competition
– Proves the business case
– Establishes credibility
– Builds value
– Closes with a call to action
– Reinforces your offer with a punchy postscript

I’ve harnessed these triggers in all manner of direct response copywriting over the years.

This includes long form web pages, sales letters (even those you actually send in the post), long 60 minute VSL (video sales letter) scripts, multi-step email campaigns, advertorials and even taglines for high end print advertising.

You can read samples if you scroll down a little further and click on the thumbnails.

Direct Response Copywriting Samples

Sales page for the PowerChute golf training aid.
try.powerchute nicklaus
30 mins video sales letter (VSL) script for a fitness/weight loss product.
Advertorial to promote the Osmo iPad learning platform for kids. Selling to cold traffic.

Sales letter for a self improvement/social anxiety eBook

SAD sales letter

Sales letter for Teespring Custom T-shirts biz opp

Teesprings sales letter

Email campaign to convince retirees and pensioners to move their pension into an overseas QROPS.


Sales letter for a home based hypnotherapy training course

hypnotherapy sales letter

Long form sales page for an eBook on Barcelona FC soccer drills

soccer coaching long form sales letter

Sales letter to marketing agencies to promote The Copywriter’s Crucible

sales letter to agencies

Four step email series promoting a soccer coaching eBook

soccer coaching long form sales letter

Feedback from Clients

“We auditioned five copywriters and and Matt’s work was easily the best. Just as important is that his turnaround time for projects is quick and he is reliable. Our sales pages now look and read incredibly well and sales have improved because of it. We now outsource all of our copwriting to Matt on a regular basis and we couldn’t be happier”

Mike Saif,

Matt’s sales copy for my hypnotherapy eBook was better than brilliant. His writing is very clear and interesting to read and he knows how to structure it in a way that makes a real impact. Delivered on time and minimal amends were needed. Very impressed with his copywriting service from start to finish.

Peter Hill,

Even if you consider yourself an excellent writer and even when you don’t think it’s possible to improve on your copy, Matt’s copywriting will condense, clarify and add punch to it. He took time and interest in learning about the specifics of our company and its personality to better reflect it in the communications. Matt was instrumental in getting our brochures designed and ready for our big launch. All in all, a job very, very well done!

Sabah Mirza,

This is exactly what I expected!..boy you are good! Mate, thank you so much. I am happy with all of it. I will definitely, want you to do follow up copywriting for me in the future.

Paul Birch,

How Much Does Direct Response Copywriting Cost?

1 page letter/email/article
2-8 page letter
Video sales letter per minute
Full page advert
Per day
Small leaflet
8 page brochure/website
Email + 1,000 word landing page
£120 / $180
£200-800 / $300-1,200
£60 / $90
£300 / $450
£400 / $600
£300 / $450
£800 / $1,200
£500 / $750

Allow Me to Improve Your Conversions and Profits

In today’s digital world, direct response doesn’t act in a vacuum. While the physicality of sending a sales letter with a glossy brochure is still powerful, selling in the digital realm requires some strategic planning.

To get the best bang for your buck, direct response copywriting works best when done as part of an inbound marketing strategy. This includes trust building case studies and lead magnets, report upsells and follow-up email campaigns that maximize your profits from every lead.

But let’s save that discussion for another time. I’m eager to hear about your project.

Remember, I don’t charge for proposals. When I put together a proposal I don’t just provide a time and cost estimate but an ENTIRE STRATEGY for getting the maximum sales from my copy.

This enables me to demonstrate my direct response savvy and for you to benefit from my knowledge without spending a penny (or cent). In fact, the insights you’ll gain may TRANSFORM a non-converting dud into a CONVERSION ROCKET, whether you hire me or another copywriter.

So by simply filling in the form with a few details about your project, you can only WIN.

Delay no longer.

Send me a message and let’s get your campaign rocking and rolling towards profit:

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