How to Turn YouTube into a “Remarketing List Generator” for Warmer, Cheaper Clicks

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“YouTube Remarketing Generator”

Get Half Priced Targeted Clicks from the World’s #2 Search Engine

Get half price, pre-qualified leads from the world’s #2 search engine

Click costs are getting so high they make a grown marketer cry.

A year ago you could get quality clicks on Facebook for $0.27. Today average clicks have rocketed to an ulcer inducing $1.72.

In the finance industry you can expect to pay $3.77 – for a SINGLE CLICK!

I won’t even bother mentioning Google. Its sky high click costs have turned profitability into a pipe-dream for years.

Today’s reality is that millions of new marketers are coming online, and pushing click costs higher and higher with each passing day.

So what can you do?

Only sell high ticket items with a hope of covering your ad spend?


Find a NEW pool where few people fish?

Well, as luck would have it, I found such a pool: YouTube!

YouTube is the Ultimate Remarketing List Generator

From the stage at Traffic and Conversion Ryan Deiss said that building a “remarketing” list is now almost as vital as an email list.

Think about it…

  • Everyone is fighting for email addresses and open rates are dropping as a result
  • The days of people buying on the first exposure to your brand are over
  • You have to make multiple touches to warm up cold leads from cynical to curious to convinced and ready to buy.
  • With a remarketing list you can engage people multiple times to build trust in your brand and present different pieces of content that develop the sale.

So that’s all well and good, but where does YouTube come into it?

Well, turns out that YouTube can be used as uber cheap and highly targeted remarketing list generator.

It works like this:

  1. Someone Googles “how to lower cholesterol”
  2. If they visit YouTube in the next 15 mins you can show them a video ad about lowering cholesterol
  3. If they watch for 30 seconds they go into a remarketing list
  4. You retarget them in Google Display for half or even a two thirds less than you usually pay
  5. You get people to your website who are warmed up, pre-qualified and actively looking for the solution your product offers

Sounds amazing right?


There’s a minefield of variables to navigate through.

You need to know:

  • How to keep viewers watching beyond the first critical 5 seconds when their mouse pointer is hovering over the fast-forward button like an executioner holds the guillotine’s rope
  • How to produce videos without going broke paying for a design studio
  • 6 research hacks for finding explosive big ideas that roll a hand grenade under your viewer’s chair, timed to detonate unless they follow your advice
  • The #1 WORST thing to do in your videos that makes people close them in disgust
  • What to say to build tension so that when they see your Google Display ad they’ll deliriously click through to get the solution

A lot of problems to unpick, huh?

Thankfully, I have all the answers.

And I want to share them all with you. And they’re all in a downloadable guide.

I’ve moved on since creating this guide, so it’s not a part of any funnel and no signup required.

Just click the image below:

VSL copywriter YouTube tactics
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